The 12 Days of GISTMAS

To say thank you and Happy Holidays to our incredible GIST family, we’ve decided to host 12 Days of GISTMAS!

What does that mean?: 

For the next 12 newsletters leading up to the holidays, we’re giving you, our GISTers, a chance to win some incredible gifts.  
Here’s how it’s gonna work: 

Today marks the first day of GISTMAS. On the first day, 12 lucky GISTers will win a gift. Monday will be the second day with 11 winners, Thursday will have 10 winners and so on.
How do you win a gift?: 

To enter, all you’ve got to do is share The GIST newsletter! Each person you get to sign up counts as an entry into the draw to win the prize that week. So the more you share, the greater your chances of winning. The winners of Thursday's prize will be announced in Monday's newsletter and vice versa. Referrals will count until 11:59pm the night before the next newsletter (Sunday and Wednesday).
How do I share?:

Just copy and paste your unique referral link (at the bottom of your newsletter) in an email/message/text/whatever you like and ensure your friends sign up by clicking through your link.
What are the gifts?: 

The gift changes with each day of GISTMAS, so share strategically - there are some seriously awesome gifts from our partners to come.
For our GISTfluencers (those of you who have referred 5+):

You each have an automatic entry to win our grand prize on the 12th day of GISTMAS! If you’re not a GISTfluencer yet but think you could get there in the next few weeks (we think you can), you’ll also get an automatic entry. And yes, you still get all the perks associated with becoming a GISTfluencer.