October 9th:

#thegistofit is...

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape... twice. • It was NFL week five and we’re feeling alive. • The UFC fight on Saturday was a gongshow. • We’re high-key obsessed with our Canadian women’s soccer team. • History was made in the NHL. • Baseball playoffs are in full swing. • The Leafs game on Sunday was freakin’ bats. • And a few things to get in the cal.

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ChristiaNO Ronald-NO

The GIST: Last week 34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga came forward alleging that in 2009 in Las Vegas, famous Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldobrutally raped her.
#MeToo: Why is this story just coming out now? Well, back in 2010, Mayorga settledwith Ronaldo’s PR and legal team for $375k USD to keep quiet. However, Mayorga was inspired by the #MeToo movement and decided she would not be silenced any longer.
What’s Ronaldo Saying: After the allegations broke, Ronaldo took to Twitter to vehemently deny all claims calling rape an “abominable crime” that goes against everything he is and believes in. Sources say that he is doing his best to ignore the allegations and is just focusing on soccer. But, people around Ronaldo aren’t discounting the claims. Since the allegations surfaced, Juventus’ (the Italian soccer team that Ronaldo just started playing for this season) stocks went down by tenpercent, and Ronaldo’s major sponsors like Nike and EA Sports said that they are “deeply concerned”. Like, no sh!t.
Now what?: Well, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen. A second woman has come forward saying Ronaldo raped her at a party, and apparently, there could beadditional claims from two other women as well. That said, Ronaldo is arguably the most popular athlete in the world. To provide some perspective, Ronaldo has 143M followers on Instagram whereas Beyonce has 118M (yes, Ronaldo has more followers than Queen Bey). And, with this popularity and fandom, it’s safe to assume (especially considering everything that just happened with Brett Kavanaugh) there will be a lot of people vouching for Ronaldo. This one is to be continued.

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Very Nice, High Five

The GIST: Week five of the NFL football season has come to a close. It was a wild one, and here’s #thegistofit:
- Last night, the New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, broke the all-time passing record for the NFL. This is a BFD! He’s THE BEST, in HISTORY! After he surpassed the milestone, the Saints team came out on the field, gave him big hugs and celebrated with him. So darn cute. Watch the special moment unfold here.
- Week five was full of upsets and we LOVED it. The biggest upset? The Cleveland Browns (who won no games last year) winning their second game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens in overtime on a last-second field goal. This win was about as expected as you eating only one serving at Thanksgiving dinner. If you didn’t have two to three plates, you did something wrong.
- Both the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs remain an undefeated 5-0 (five wins, no losses). Show-offs.
- The New York Giants had some good and some not-so-good news this weekend. Let’s start with the good. You gotta watch this INSANE play that is easily the highlight of the week. Just nutty. The bad news? In an interview with ESPN alongside Lil’ Wayne (random), the Giants’ star wide receiverOdell Beckham Jr, chirped the heck out of his teammates, including Eli Manning. Not good. Give your head a shake, Odell.
- Okay. We love this play. You gotta watch Minnesota Vikings big-man (no, really: he’s 6’3” and 324 pounds) Linval Joseph make a 65-yard pick-six. Still, our fave part of this play has gotta be Joseph’s post-touchdown look complete with some fast lookin’ glasses and an oxygen mask. Speed demon.
- Finally, shout-out to Carolina Panther Eric Reid on staying true to himself and taking a knee during the national anthem in their 33-31 win against the Giants. Now, maybe more than ever, Reid’s protest was much needed and incredibly important as it brought new life into the peaceful protest. Dunno what #TakeAKnee is or maybe just need a refresher? Read our Deep Dive here.


All is Fair in Love and UFC?

The GIST: ICYMI, arguably the biggest lightweight fight in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) history took place on Saturday night between Irishman Conor McGregor and Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. Khabib won the fight in the fourth round after forcing McGregor to tap out. But crazy enough, the fight wasn’t the most entertaining part of the night.
Omg, what happened?: Well, instead of celebrating the victory, Khabib jumped over the cage wall (yes, they fight in an octagonal cage like animals), into the crowd, andphysically confronted McGregor’s training team. Meanwhile, in retaliation, McGregor punched one of Khabib’s cornermen (the guy with the towels, water and pump-up speeches who comes into the cage in between rounds), only to be sucker punched himself by Khabib’s other cornerman. In the end, everyone had to get escorted out of the arena, and Khabib’s winnings are being held pending further investigation. It was mayhem. More mayhem than Cady Heron’s imaginary cafeteria cat-fight scene inMean Girls.
Why TF did this happen?: These two have history including McGregor attackingKhabib’s travel van in April. Allegedly, McGregor also took the trash talk too far. Khabib said that McGregor made some racist remarks and smash talked his religion, country, and father, and those comments set him off. As much as it was an uttergong show, it was exhilarating AF (if you’re into that stuff) and there are already talks of a rematch.

GIST some Other sh!t you Should Know

- We are high-key obsessed with our Canadian women’s soccer team. Next summer, France is hosting the FIFA World Cup. So this month, the women are competing in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying tournament in Texas. The top three teams in this tournament qualify for the World Cup and the fourth-place team will square off against Argentina. So far, Canada has beaten Jamaica 2-0 and Cuba 12-0 (chill, chill, chillll). GO CANADA GO!
- On Sunday, Carolina Hurricanes rookie, Andrei Svechnikov, became the first player born in the year of 2000 to score an NHL goal. HE WAS BORN IN THE MILLENNIUM!!! How unaccomplished old does this make you feel?!
- SWINNGGG, batter, batter, batter. Playoff baseball is well underway and has been unreal to watch. What do you need to know? In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers swept (won three games straight) the Colorado Rockies, and the LA Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves three games to one. The Brewers and the Dodgers NLCS (semifinal to the World Series) best-of-seven series starts Friday. In the American League, the Houston Astros swept the Cleveland Indians (ugh SMH at that team name) and will face the winner of the Boston Red Sox vs. NY Yankees. The Sox are currently up two games to one.
- The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Chicago Blackhawks Sunday in a truly insane game. In the last minute and a half alone, there were multiple goals scored. You gotta watch the madness (and the chirping) that ensued here.

Get it in the Cal.

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Thursday: NHL hockey is back and all seems right with the world. There’s puck being played every night, but hands down the best night to watch is Thursday. Why? There are 12 (!!!) games being played. Check out the matchups here. We’ll be watching the Winnipeg Jets take on the Nashville Predators - a rematch of the western conference semifinals in last seasons’ playoffs.

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