October 25th

YA BABY, the Toronto Raptors remain undefeated. • Get #thegist of all the good stuff that’s happening on and off the ice. • Tennis is back… back again. • Congrats to our Canadian women’s rugby sevens team! • The Boston Red Sox are up 2-0 over the LA Dodgers in the World Series. • A v quick update on MLS. • And, answer some easy peasy questions to win free tickets to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats game this weekend!

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HBD Drizzy!

The GIST: For Drake’s 32nd birthday last night, our new-look Toronto Raptors team gave him a big smooch W. After defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves 112-105, the Raps are off to an undefeated 5-0 start. This ties their franchise record for their best start to the season. YASSS FELLAS, GET IT!
Tell me about the game: The Raptors, just like their prehistoric mascot, dominated their competition. Most notably, the Raps’ superstars had unreal games. New Raptor Kawhi Leonard scored a season-high 35 points, and point guard Kyle Lowry secured his third double-double in a row. Superstar players aside, our fave play of the game has got to be this #YOLO of a bucket by Norman Powell.
Elsewhere in the NBA: It’s like none of these players have ever heard the saying “save the drama for your momma” before. Following the (completely avoidable) brawl between the Houston Rockets and the LA Lakers last weekend, the players involved are STILL chirping. Earlier this week, Lakers Rajon Rondo called the Rockets’ Chris Paula “horrible teammate”... even though they’ve never played on the same NBA team. THEN Glen Davis (who now plays ball in Europe), a prior teammate of both Rondo and Paul, confirmed that Paul is a “very bad teammate.” Okay first, v random of Davis to insert himself into this story, but whatever. Second, this would be like someone who worked at your company's COMPETITOR calling you a "horrible teammate" on your LinkedIn profile. Like, LOL, IT’S JUST NOT OKAY!!!

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Ice, Ice Baby

The GIST: Let’s move off the hardwood and onto the ice where NHLers keep serving up some highlight-reel plays while still giving us something to smile about off the ice.
Canada’s best: In the battle of Canadian NHL teams, who bear the most *must-make-the-playoffs* pressure, the Toronto Maple Leafs looked solid in a 4-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets last night. The Jets will have a chance to enact some sweet, sweet revenge when they face the Leafs in Toronto on Saturday. BTW, this Leafs win still came without forward William Nylander on the ice. We talked about this sassy blonde last week (click here for a lil refresher). The good news? Rumours are swirling that an agreement might be coming soon! #bless
Show me more highlights!: We’re glad you asked! Alright. So alotta people seem to think that Edmonton Oiler Connor McDavid and Leafer Auston Matthews are the best players in the NHL right now. HOW-EV-ER, on Tuesday night, Pittsburgh PenguinSidney Crosby reminded everyone why he still deserves to be a part of the conversation. Heading into Tuesday’s game he had ZERO goals this season. Bad. But, on Tuesday he finally got his mojo going again when he scored not one, but two goals, including this insane OT winner. You’re gonna want to watch this one on loop.
Important NHL Inspo: Last year, New Jersey Devils forward Brian Boyle was diagnosed with leukemia. Boyle returned to the Devils’ lineup just six weeks after the news and this week, he announced his cancer is in full remission. Talk about inspiration.


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

The GIST: Just when you thought October couldn’t get any better, tennis is back! TheWTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Finals is taking place this week in Singapore.
WTF is the WTA Finals?: This round-robin tournament takes place annually at the end of every tennis season. What’s different about this tourney is that only the best of the best are invited: the top eight singles and the top eight doubles players. Throughout the season, players accumulate points based on how they finish in tournaments. The eight players with the most points get invited to the Finals. As a result, it’s considered the fifth most prestigious tennis tournament after the Grand Slams. Oh yeah, and there’s also $7M USD on the line. Chump change.
How’s it going so far?: It’s still in the group stage, but the tourney has been entertaining AF. Our fave match so far? Watching American Sloane Stephens (who BTW is dating TFC star-forward Jozy Altidore) beat Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens. Catch the fire highlights of that match here.
Is Serena there?: WELP, no. ICYMISerena Williams came back to tennis in March 2018 after giving birth to the cutest baby girl, Alexis Ohanian Jr., in September 2017. As a result of her time off, she had a shortened season and, in our opinion, she was unfairly ranked at No. 453 when she came back to playing (she was No. 1 before she left). This likely all contributed to her not making the Finals. Ugh. Wanna learn more about the complexity of motherhood and maternity leave in sports? Thought so. Read our deep dive on the topic here.

GIST Some Other Sh!t you Should Know

- Earlier this week at the HSBC Women’s World Rugby Sevens Series tournament opener in Colorado, our Canadian women’s rugby sevens team took home the bronze medal. OH, CANADA! Dunno WTF this “series” is? Np. Check out our Instagram postexplaining it here (and hey, while you’re at it, toss the gals a follow). Also, rugby is complicated. TBH, we’re still wrapping our heads around it. So, we called in a rugby ~guru~ to write a GIST’s Guide to Rugby for us. Give ‘er a read here.
- World Series update! The first two games were hosted in Boston and the Red Sox took advantage. They’re currently up two games to none against the LA Dodgers. Best highlight of the series so far? This.
- We figured you might be wondering why we haven’t been talking about soccer lately. The reason? Our Canadian teams sh!t the bed. After winning the whole shebang last year, Toronto FC didn’t even make the playoffs this season. Talk about a 180. The Vancouver Whitecaps are also eliminated from the playoffs and the Montreal Impact’s chances are just hanging by a thread.

Get it in The Cal.

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All weekend: Sports are literally being played all weekend: NHL, CWHL, MLB, NBA, CFL, NFL, WTA. You name it, this weekend’s got it. DID WE MENTION THAT WE LOVE OCTOBER?!


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