November 8th

USA Gymnastics might be going extinct. • Lyft got some free marketing. • F*** Cancer!• We’re talkin’ about playoffs, baby - and we’ve got you free tix! • Could Canada host the Olympics in 2026?! • The best college basketball player is Canadian - O, Canada indeed. • Our Canadian Women’s Hockey Team is slaying as per usual. • And, we’re hookin’ you up with a sweet new ride.

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A Hostile Takeover

The GIST: Similar to when you have to take over the group project because your teammates aren’t pulling their goddamn weight, earlier this week the US Olympic Committee (USOC) moved to revoke the recognition of USA Gymnastics (USAG) as the sport’s national governing body.
Why?: Because USAG is a hot mess. This move comes in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal where the disgraced former doctor was sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing over 300 female athletes. An investigation into the scandal revealed that there were systemic problems within USAG - namely that the organization valued their athletes’ success over their health and safety. Although the USAG tried to figure their sh!t out following the investigation, they simply didn’t. Most recently USAG hired an exceptionally questionable president, Mary Bono. Bono resigned after just five days on the job due to widespread backlash. The gymnasts deserve better.
How Will This Shake Out?: Well, it’s likely to be a bit of a drawn-out process. But, the USOC is giving USAG the opportunity to voluntarily step down. So far, USAG hasn’t said whether they’ll fight the complaint or volunteer as tribute.

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Accidental Lyft Advertising

The GIST: The Ottawa Senators found themselves in hot water again this week, while the Chicago Blackhawks left their coach out in the cold.
Negative Star Uber Rating: The Ottawa Senators have learned the hard way that personal privacy is a thing of the past. On Monday, a candid video surfaced where seven Sens players (Uber XXXL much?) are taking an Uber ride in Arizona and doing a little low-key trash talking about their penalty kill and their assistant coach Marty Raymond. The players have since apologized, and as much as the Sens shouldn’t have been bad-mouthing, this Uber should have been a safe space for them. And, let’s be honest with each other, we’ve all done a lil’ post-game trash talk in our cars before. Is nothing sacred anymore?
Another One Bites the Dust: The Chicago Blackhawks’ Joel Quenneville is the latestNHL head coach to get fired. Beyond having one of the best moustaches in the league, he’s been with Chicago since 2008 and won THREE STANLEY CUPS. With this track record, we have a sneaky suspicion that he’ll bounce right back. But really, if Quenneville can get fired, no one is safe.
F*** Cancer: The New Jersey Devils’ Brian Boyle scored his first career hat-trick (three goals in one game) on Monday. A cool accomplishment for sure, but this hat-trick was EXTRA SPECIAL because it was serendipitous. Why? Well, it was against the Pittsburgh Penguins on their ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ night, just over a year after Boyle was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia and just a week after he announced he was 100% cancer free. All the feels.


“What a Silver Fox”

The GIST: So, we’ve all heard of the Super Bowl, right? Even if you’ve never watched the football game itself, you’ve probably tuned in to watch the star-studded halftime show and the over the top commercials. Well, up here in our neck of the maple-covered woods, you may have also heard whispers of the Grey Cup.
Playoffs, baby!: While the Super Bowl is like a flashy and excessive PARTAAAAY in Vegas, the Grey Cup is more like a backyard bash - it may not be flashy but it will leave you talking and reminiscing about it for decades. The Grey Cup is the culmination of the Canadian Football League (CFL) season. So, we decided to write you a GIST Guide to the Grey Cup on everything you need to know (and none of the sh!t you don’t) about this year’s playoffs. Check it out here.
Getcha Tickets Here: And, of course, we want to hook our GISTers up! We’ve partnered with our pals at the CFL to hook two GISTers up with two free tickets to this Sunday’s East division semi-final between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the B.C. Lions in the Hammer. To win free tickets refer at least one friend to The GIST using your unique referral link at the bottom of this email by 12 p.m. ET tomorrow (Friday). Each referral counts as an entry into the draw! Meoowwww.

GIST Some Other Sh!t you Should Know

- We’ve got some BIG NEWS - Calgary is working on a bid for the 2026 Olympics! To determine if Calgary should put in a bid or not, Calgarians will have their say next Wednesday in a plebiscite (a direct vote on an important public question). Athletes are heavy supporters of the bid as they’re stoked about the possibility of competing on home soil (GO CANADA!). HOW-EV-ER the Olympics are notorious for running over budget so we’re not surprised there’s significant pushback from taxpayers. What do you think - should Calgary host the 2026 Olympics?
- In Canada, we normally only talk about NCAA college basketball during March Madness. But this year, Canada’s got something, or shall we say someone, to be very excited about - RJ Barrett. This 18-year-old Canadian phenom started his college career with the Duke Blue Devils on Tuesday night and set a debut freshman record, dropping 33 points. UNREAL! In 2017, Barrett led Canada to its first-ever basketball gold on an international stage after winning the U19 FIBA World Cup. Mark our words, there are big things to come for this rising Canadian star.
- For another excuse to watch the INTENSE Canada vs. USA women’s hockey rivalry, we give you the Four Nations Cup. Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden compete in this tournament annually to showcase the world’s best female hockey players. This year’s tournament is hosted in Saskatoon. Last night, Canada lost a tough one 2-1 to the States, but don’t fret, that was just a preliminary game. You can stay tuned to see who takes the Four Nations crown here.

What’s Up This Week

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Tonight: Remember to get your picks in for The GIST Football Pool by 7:30 p.m. ET today! Click here for this week’s newsletter and to play (v free, v easy, v fun)! Tonight’s Thursday night matchup is the Carolina Panthers at the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8:20 p.m. ET.

Friday: The Toronto Maple Leafs are hosting the New Jersey Devils at 7 p.m. ET. Keep an eye out for Devils star forward Taylor Hall, and look for a welcome back to the cancer-free Brian Boyle!

Saturday: First up, the Toronto Raptors are hosting the New York Knicks at 3 p.m. ET. Gotta love that reasonable, family-friending timing. Next, the Leafers are playing back-to-back games and travelling to play the Boston Bruins at 7 p.m. ET.


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