November 5th

The WNBA players are saying “thank u, next” to their current CBA. • A couple of hockey players are up for Oscar nominations. • The first cheerleader in the NFL knelt during thenational anthem. • Gymnast Simone Biles is truly an inspiration. • CFL playoff matches are set! • The Oakland Raiders coaches are snakes and we LOVE it. • Watch #MNF with us tonight! • And, see what’s up this week.

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No, I Don’t Want No Scrubs

The GIST: Last week, the WNBA Players’ Association (PA) opted out of its collective bargaining agreement (CBA). 

Hold-up… what’s the PA and CBA?: The WNBPA is a labour union made up of all WNBA players. It’s governed by an executive committee and player representatives from each WNBA team. The PA is responsible for negotiating the CBA, filing grievances on players’ behalves and counselling players on benefits and post-WNBA career opportunities. In the context of pro sports, CBA’s are agreements reached between a league’s players (represented by the PA) and the league (aka the league owners).

Got it. So, why is the WNBPA opting out?: Their main objective is to receive full transparency about where the league is at as a business (because, believe it or not, theplayers never see the numbers) so the parties can make sound decisions together forthe future of the game. HOW-EV-ER, opting out of the CBA is about more than that. It’s about treating WNBA players like the world-class athletes they are. It’s about visibility. It’s about unfair salaries. It’s about rejecting the status quo. And, it’s about taking a stand for the greatest female basketball players of tomorrow. Be sure to getthe full picture by reading the brave announcement from WNBPA President Nneka Ogwumike here.

Speaking of unfair salaries…: To give you some context, the minimum annual NBA salary for a rookie is around $560k USD. The highest paid player in the NBA (theGolden State Warriors’ MVP Steph Curry) gets paid about $37.5M USD. The maximum salary in the WNBA? $110k USD. Yep, a man with no NBA experience makes five times more, and Curry makes 340 times more than WNBA superstars like Breanna Stewartand Sue Bird. You’ve gotta be f***ing kidding. That wage gap is absolutely ludicrous. So, for more perspective on why women’s sports desperately need positive change now, watch this eye-opening video and read this personal piece by Curry. It’s time to #BetOnWomen.

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The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

The GIST: We’re officially one month into the NHL season and the dah-rama is just heating up.

Travellin’ Men: The Toronto Maple Leafs are road trip kings. They’re undefeated in away games this season after trouncing Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-0 on Saturday night. What’s even more impressive is that these wins have been without star-forwards Auston Matthews (out four weeks with a shoulder injury) and William NylanderHere’s a quick refresher on why this blondie hasn’t hit the ice yet this season.

And the Oscar goes to…: Okay. Saturday’s Boston Bruins and Nashville Predators gamewas pretty jokes. Why? Here’s #thegistofit: Bruins’ forward Brad Marchand was called for high sticking Preds’ Colton Sissons. BUT, Marchand’s stick didn’t even touch Sissons! Sissons just embellished getting hit to draw a penalty. So, in retaliation, Marchand mocked Sissons. Petty level 1000. Unfortunately for Marchand, he picked up 14 penalty minutes on this call that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Marchand already has a v questionable reputation around the league (for example during the playoffs last season he literally LICKED PLAYERS’ FACES) so it’s no surprise to see him stirring the pot yet again. 

Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown: In 2013, the Los Angeles Kings won theStanley Cup. But since then, they haven’t even made it past the first round of theplayoffs. And this year, the Kings are sittin’ in dead last. So, they decided to shake things up. Yesterday, the Kings fired their head coach John Stevens and crowned Willie Desjardins (who BTW was Canada’s 2018 Winter Olympics head coach) as their new bench boss. Let’s see if he can lead the Kingdom back to greatness.

GIST Some Other Sh!t you Should Know

- The Thursday night NFL game was a BFD for two reasons. First, a member of the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading team knelt during the national anthemShe is the first NFL cheerleader to support the #TakeAKnee movement. Amazing. Second, 49er rookie and third-string quarterback (QB), Nick Mullens, had the best debut EVER. He set thebest passer rating by a QB in their first NFL start AND, more importantly to us, his Twitter handle was verified halfway through the game. Nice.

- American Simone Biles is solidifying herself as the GOAT in gymnastics. This weekend, Biles won her fourth all-around title at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships in Qatar after medaling in all six events (with four of them being gold)! She’s the first American woman to win four all-around titles and, she’s the only gymnast (male or female) to win 13 gold medals in the vault event. Biles is also asurvivor of sexual abuse from Larry Nassar. Talk about an inspiration. 

The CFL playoffs are set. The Ottawa Redblacks (11-7, East Division) and Calgary Stampeders (13-5, West Division) had the best records this season. Meanwhile, after winning the Grey Cup last year, the Toronto Argonauts sh!t the bed this year finishing with a 4-14 record. As a result, the Argos fired their head coach Marc Trestman. Talk about a roller coaster.

- LOL OKAY, the Oakland Raiders coaching staff are such SNAKES and we love it. They didn’t believe that their QB JaMarcus Russell was studying the tapes they gave him to review (watching tapes is like doing v important homework). SO, they tested him by giving him BLANK tapes to watch. The next day, he said he watched “blitz packages”. LITERALLY DKM!!!

Get it in The Cal.

Today: It’s time for Monday Night Football! Tonight it’s the Tennessee Titans againstthe Dallas Cowboys. Howdy partna’! Every Monday we provide informative (and sassy)GIST commentary over Facebook during the game to simulate the experience of watching the game with a knowledgeable friend (that’s us!). Wanna watch the game with us? Click here

Tuesday: The boys are back in town! The Maple Leafs are hosting the Las Vegas Golden Knights at 7 p.m. ET. As mentioned, these guys have been great on the road, but notthat great at home. Let’s see if they can change their luck on Tuesday! 

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