November 21st

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Eye of the Tiger

The GIST: Two of golf’s biggest and best, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, are facing off in a winner-take-all 18-hole showdown dubbed ‘The Match’ with a $9M USD prize on the line.
But Why?: TBH, ‘The Match’ is a straight-up money grab. While it will be so exciting to watch Mickelson and Tiger, who have had a storied rivalry for almost their entire careers, square off for 18-holes, this match will make networks, sponsors, players, you name it, SO MUCH MONEY. It’s the first golf tournament to be played on pay-per-view(PPV)—just like boxing and UFC—and will also feature in-match wagers between thetwo competitors. Can you say, capitalism?
The Cat Came Back: No offense to Phil, but we think Tiger is the real reason everyone will be watching tomorrow. Tiger surged onto the pro-golf scene at 19, dominated golf for 15 years, then went careening off course into drug use and infidelity, and somehow bounced all the way back to greatness. Be sure to read our Deep Dive on the cat for more deets.
Where’s my Money, Honey?: But back to ‘The Match’. This thing is going down in Las Vegas -  a gambler’s paradise. Sponsors put up the prize money, but ‘The Match’ is all about the side bets. Woods and Mickelson will pony up some personal cash throughout the competition with all of their money going to charity.
Yesterday, Mickelson wagered $100k on him birdieing the first hole, and Woods told him to double it. So gutty. Just like that, $200k on the line before the golfers even set foot on the course. Meanwhile, we’re still keeping track of every coffee we buy our friends to be sure they pay us back.
Timing is Everything: ‘The Match’ is set for tomorrow because Americans, the target audience, will be stuffed full of Thanksgiving turkey from today. As the game is PPV you’ll also have to shell out $20 to watch. And we think it’s worth it - there’s a chance you won’t see anything like this again.

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Third Time's the Charm?

The GIST: Since this is the last time you’ll get a sweet, sweet GIST newsletter before Sunday’s Grey Cup showdown, we wanted to make sure you had all the deets.
Who’s Playing?: The Ottawa Redblacks and Calgary Stampeders.
Should I Care?: OF COURSE! This game has ‘classic’ written all over it. This is the third year in a row the Stampeders are in the Grey Cup but they lost in both previous finals. In 2016 they lost to the—you guessed it—Redblacks. The Stamps were the best team by far this regular season and they’re playing this Sunday with a chip on their shoulder.
Anything Else?: The Redblacks will be playing without their star defensive player Jonathan Rose. He got into some sh!t last Sunday in the East Final and shoved an official during a sideline skirmish. C’mon, man! The CFL said ‘oh hellllll no’ (direct quote) and suspended Rose from the Grey Cup. He’s appealing that decision, but hitting a ref is a big no-no so we doubt he’ll be playing.
So when’s this going down?: The 106th Grey Cup is being played in Edmonton at 6 P.M. ET on Sunday. Expected temperatures are not warm.


Put Me In, Coach

The GIST: We’re officially a quarter of the way into the NHL season (time flies when you’re having fun)! And this week, the Edmonton Oilers are in the hot seat.
You’re Fired!: The Oilers became the latest team to give their head coach the snips when they fired Todd McLellan on Tuesday. Edmonton is a v mediocre 10-10-1 (wins, losses, overtime losses) this season despite having Connor McDavid, arguably the best NHLer in the league right now, on their team. McLellan is the fourth bench boss to be axed this season which is pretty crazy considering not a single coach was fired last season. And here we were thinking it was cuffing season.
Milestone McDavid: Speaking of McDavid, this dude is the Sidney Crosby of his generation, and on Tuesday night, McDavid notched his 100th career goal. He’s thesecond-youngest player in Oilers history to hit the mark. The youngest? None other than Wayne Gretzky. Talk about being in good company.
O’ Canada: Finally, the quarter-season mark is a perfect opportunity to take a look at the NHL playoff picture and boy, oh, boy does it look mighty fine for Canadian hockey fans. If the playoffs were to start today, five of Canada’s seven teams would be headed to the postseason: the Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. Not the Queer Eye Fab Five, but it’ll do.

GIST Some Other Sh!t you Should Know

- Somehow this Larry Nassar scandal just won’t go away (read our Deep Dive for a quick refresher). On Tuesday, the former head of Michigan State University, Lou Anna Simon, was charged with lying to police during the investigation into Nassar and his sexual abuse of over 300 young athletes. WTF!? We are very ready for all of this sh!t to be over.
-  Quick! What sport do you think of when we say, ‘heavy drinking’? Did you say curling? WELL, Olympic champ Ryan Fry got a little too toasty at a curling tournament in Red Deer, Alberta last weekend and was kicked out for being “extremely drunk.” His wasted wanderings included breaking brooms, swearing and damaging the locker room.

On Wednesday, Ryan announced an indefinite leave from his team to focus on his “growth and self-improvement.” Look, we can relate to having one too many ‘I’m never drinking again’ moments, but this was taking things to the next level.
- Monday Night Football (MNF) was a BFD. Experts figured the matchup between theLos Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs would be high scoring, but no way did they call a game with 103 FREAKING POINTS! This game was craziness in the best way and also marked the first time that an NFL team scored more than 50 points and lost.
- Chantal Vallee is our #WCW every day. She was hired by the Hamilton Honey Badgers Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) team as their head coach AND general manager. She’s now the first woman EVER to be named both the head coach and GM of a men’s pro basketball team. Hear that? That’s the sound of ceilings being broken.

What’s Up This Week

Rockin’ and Rollin’: Detroit Bikes wants to make great bikes for all. So, they're committed to sourcing the best quality materials that can stand up to almost anything (including Canadian cold weather!) and make the bike owning experience v fun, v enjoyable, and v easy! This holiday season, Detroit Bikes is offering great deals on their website to encourage more biking. And, one lucky GISTer reader, we’ll be receiving a free US Made B-Type in hunter green.

Today: You can send a big ol’ thank you to America for some Thanksgiving football today! Three games on the docket, but the best should be the night game between theAtlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. The last time these two teams met this season, the Saints came out on top in a wild 43-37 overtime battle. The rematch goes down at 8:30 p.m. ET.
The first game starts at 12:30 p.m. so remember your GIST football pool picks have gotta be in by noon today. Click here to play (it's free and fun, we promise).

Friday: No NHL on Thanksgiving Thursday means a jam-packed Friday of fun to make up for it. Fifteen games are on the schedule and all seven Canadian teams are in action. TGIF.


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