November 12th

East coast is now the beast coast. • Our Canadian women lost to the US… again. • History made in the Hockey Hall of Fame. • Congrats to Rosie MacLennan for winning the Trampoline World Gymnastics gold medal! • LOL you gotta watch this #classicdadmove. • We’re talkin’ about CFL playoffs. • Watch the Toronto Raptors game with us tonight! • AND, we want you to ride durty.

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I Laugh in the Face of Danger

The GIST: Although the Toronto Raptors have the best record (12 wins and only one loss) in the NBA right now, the eastern conference just got a lot more dangerous.
Uh-oh, why?: Because superstar Jimmy Butler was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves (western conference team) to the Philadelphia 76ers (eastern conference team). It’s no surprise that Butler was traded from the Timberwolves because he’s been a wittle whining cry-baby all season vocally asking for a trade and publically chirping his teammates. So gutty. Anyway, Butler is dangerous AF as he’s a four-time NBA All-Star and won the gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics with the USA men’s team.
But wait, there’s more: What’s EVEN MORE terrifying is that the 76ers are already pretty impressive. They’re currently sitting fifth in the eastern conference and have two of the league’s top talents: Joel (pronounced JOE-ELLE) Embiid and Ben Simmons. So adding Butler into this mix is a deadly combo.
For comparison’s sake: It’s kinda like Embiid and Simmons are Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in Destiny’s Child… and Butler is kind of like the Beyonce in the threesome. It was the deadly combo of all three of these performers that made Destiny’s Child a household name. And while we wouldn’t say that Butler is as good at basketball as kween Bey is at, well, everything, we think he’ll be a #majorkey in unlocking all of the 76ers potential.

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What the Puck?

The GIST: We’re talkin’ about our Canadian hockey gals and what’s new with the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF).
Women who Give a Puck: Last week, Saskatoon hosted the Four Nations Cup. Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden compete in this tournament annually to showcase the world’s best hockey countries. Just like literally every other women’s hockey tournament, it came down to a US and Canada final. And, unfortunately, our women came up short losing to the US 5-2. Welp. It’s the fourth straight time that the US has won the Four Nations Cup. *side eye*
‘Bout Pucking Time: Every year a select group representing the best in the world of hockey are inducted into the HHOF. The honourees inducted are normally retired players, builders (not the construction kind, the kind who have advanced the sport) and on-ice officials. And, this year, the NHL’s first black player, Willie O’Ree, is being inducted.
Hockey is for Everyone: O’Ree broke into the NHL in 1958 and played 45 games. But O’Ree’s short on-ice journey was only the beginning of his contribution to hockey. O’Ree is also the NHL’s Diversity Ambassador and has travelled across North America for over 15 years telling kids that no matter who they are or what they look like, they can play hockey. The only question we have is, what the puck took so long to get this guy into the HHOF?!
Who else is in the HHOF this year?: Click here to find out who else is making it in. Special shout out to boss woman Jayna Hefford. Hefford was the first player to reach 100 points in the CWHL, won four gold medals at the Olympics with Canada and scored the GAME WINNER against the US in 2002. Damn, girl! Hefford is only the sixth woman out of almost 300 honourees to be inducted into the HHOF. Just gonna let that stat sit with you...

GIST Some Other Sh!t you Should Know

Kris Kross will make you jump, jump! At the Trampoline World Championships hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia this week, our Canadian jumper Rosie MacLennan won not one, not two, but three medals! She won a gold in the individual women’s event, a silver in the synchro event, and a bronze in the team event. Just a casual week at work y’know?!
- Okay. This is a MUST-WATCH. We’ve cackled every single time we’ve watched it… and TBH, we’ve probably watched it about 50 times this weekend. #classicdadmove
- Yesterday the CFL playoffs kicked off with the conference semi-finals. For the eastern conference, the Hamilton Tiger-cats ABSOLUTELY CLOBBERED the B.C. Lions 48-8. Meanwhile, in western conference action, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers upset the Saskatchewan Roughriders 23-18. The Ticats will be squaring off against the Ottawa Redblacks, and the Blue Bombers against the Calgary Stampeders this weekend for the conference finals. LFG! Oh… and if you want more deets on all things Grey Cup, be sure to check out our guide here.

What’s Up This Week

They See Me Rollin’: Detroit Bikes here again! We believe the best way to explore a place, whether it’s your hometown or a new city, is on two wheels. So this holiday season, we’ve got some sweet deals on our site to help you get out on the road! And, for one lucky GISTer, we’re giving away a US Made B-Type in hunter green. To enter, fill out this 3-min survey. If you entered last week, #sorrynotsorry but NO double entries. 

P.S. Detroit Bikes is one of The GIST’s partners

Monday: Our best-in-the-NBA Toronto Raptors are hosting the New Orleans Pelicans at 7:30 p.m. ET. So, instead of providing real-time commentary for the Monday Night Football game, we wanted to switch things up and give ya some real-time commentary for tonight’s basketball game instead! To receive some sassy and informative GIST commentary, and a chance to “play a game within the game” click here. See y’all tonight!

Tuesday: The Toronto Maple Leafs are on the road all week, but tonight you can catch them on at 10:30 p.m. ET against the LA Kings.


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