September 24th:

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Tiger’s back, baby! • The Canadian women’s basketball team is slaying at the World Cup. •NFL week three, you know me? • Get #thegist on all things fantasy hockey. • Here’s your chance to do your dance at the Space Jam. • The Boston Red Sox are outrageous. • RIP to Iowa State University’s Female Athlete of the Year. • And, watch Monday Night Football with us tonight!

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears, Oh My!

The GIST: Yesterday, 42-year-old Tiger Woods won the TOUR Championship earning his first victory since August 4th, 2013 (that’s over five years ago!!!), and while doing so, pulled off one of the best comebacks in sports history! Although this tournament marked Tiger’s first win in five years, it also marked his 80th tour title. Only one golferhas more wins. Talk about a living legend!
He’s back, baby!: Yesterday’s scene at the TOUR Championship was something we have literally never seen before. Tiger came into the tournament looking like a 19-year old frat boy very ready to win and he did not disappoint. The fans were also rip, roaring and raring for a Tiger win. As you may know, golf is normally a very controlled, polite and hoity-toity sport. But, yesterday, the fans got rowdy AF. From cheering Tiger on at the first hole shouting “let’s go Tiger! *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap*” to almost mobbing him on the last hole, these fans were fired up. And we do NOT blame them - it was awesome.
This is a BFD: Why? Well, Tiger is one of the best golfers of all time. He came surging onto the pro-golf scene at just 19 years-old and immediately dominated the field winning 14 major tournaments in 15 years. What made Tiger so different from other golfers was that he was young, athletic, charismatic and so goddamn entertaining to watch. Thanks to Tiger, golf’s popularity skyrocketed, especially with younger viewers - golf was no longer just an old, rich, white dude sport. But then, after 15 years, sh!t hit the fan (read The GIST’s Deep Dive on Tiger Woods for more deets here). Frominfidelity, to several back surgeries and a DUI, Tiger’s fall from grace was one of the most dramatic, and public, that our generation has ever seen. BUT, Tiger is finally back to being Tiger. And, like a lot of people, we are suckers for a comeback. Welcome back, Tiger, welcome back.

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Everybody Get Up it's Time to Slam Now

The GIST: The FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) Women’s Basketball World Cup hosted in Spain started last week and our Canadian team is slaying. Olay!
Arriba, Arriba!: So far, our Canadian ballas are undefeated, beating Greece 81-50 and Korea 82-63. In the second game, proud Hamiltonian and WNBA star, Kia Nurse, was on absolute FIRE. Nurse scored 29 points and drained six of ten buckets from the three-point line. Watch some of her jaw-dropping highlights here. We literally can’t even - she is just silly good. Anyway, the gals are ranked fifth in the world and are looking for a BIG showing this tournament. We’re not really ones to place bets, but if we were, our bets would be on the Canadians making it to the top three this tournament. Here we go!


Ready, Set, Hut!

The GIST: Alright, we’re into week three of the NFL football season and things are really starting to get fun. Here’s what you gotta know from this past week:
- For the first time since 2016, the Cleveland Browns FINALLY WON A GAME!!! In Thursday night football action, the Browns came back to beat the New York Jets 21-17. This win was in large part thanks to their backup quarterback (QB), Baker Mayfield, coming off the bench to lead the Browns to their first win in 635 days. Learn more about Mayfield here(P.S. Follow us on Instagram to get these updates in real-time).
- Time for upset number two! Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills shocked the football world beating the Minnesota Vikings 27-6. To give you some perspective of just how big this upset was, heading into the game, the Bills were a 17-point underdog (expected to lose by 17 points).
- You gotta watch this clip of Seattle Seahawks Shaquem Griffin make a HUGE special teams tackle on Dallas Cowboys’ Tavon Austin. Griffin only has one hand as he was born with a condition that prevented the fingers on his left hand from fully developing. But, he obviously has never let that stop him from going after his football dreams. The celebration from his team, as well as his coach after this hit, is just so darn cute.
- Finally, snaps to New Orleans Saints’ QB Drew Brees who, after yesterday’s overtime 43-37 win against the Atlanta Falcons, has now completed more passes than any other NFL player. Makes it look just so brees-y!


Let Me Be Your Fantasy

The GIST: BLESS UP! NHL hockey starts October 3rd and we could not be more stoked about it! And, the start of the NHL season means hockey pools and fantasy drafts galore.
Fantasy Suite or Fantasy, Sweet?: Have you ever heard someone mention fantasy hockey and pictured some combination of Sidney Crosby, flowing hockey hair and mythical creatures? Well, two out of three ain’t bad and we’re here to help fill in the rest of the blanks. Whether you just wanna know WTF fantasy hockey is, or you want some pro tips about how to play and draft your fantasy team, be sure to check out our GIST’s Guide to Fantasy Hockey here.

GIST some Other sh!t you Should Know

ICYMISpace Jam 2 is officially happening!!! The film, featuring NBA superstarLeBron James and comedian Bugs Bunny, is sure to be an Academy Award contender. We got a real jam goin’ down.
- October is just around the corner. And with October comes playoff baseball. Our Toronto Blue Jays really stunk up the house this year and aren’t in the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean playoffs aren’t worth watching! One team you gotta keep an eye on is the Boston Red Sox. Last week, Boston clinched the American League East division, having won a whopping 105 games and losing only 50 so far. This record is the best the Red Sox have ever had. Absolutely absurd.
- Kanye and his son Saint threw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game yesterday and let’s just say... Kanye should stick to rapping.
- Last Monday morning, 22-year-old Celia Barquin Arozamena, one of Spain’s top amateur golfers and Iowa State University’s Big 12 women’s golf champion, was murdered on a golf course while golfing alone. Arozamena was playing at Coldwater Golf Links golf course when, in a random and senseless act of violence, a man attacked her on the ninth hole. She was stabbed to death and her body dumped in the ninth hole pond. Iowa State honoured Arozamena’s life before their football game this Saturday. RIP.

Get it in the Cal.

Tonight: Waiting all day for Sunday Monday night! Tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup is the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’re gonna be watching the game LIVE tonight and we want you to join us! Through FB messenger, we’ll be serving up some sassy GIST commentary and, asking what YOU think is gonna happen next as the game unfolds. Sound fun? We thought so. Watch live with us here.

Tuesday: Our Canadian ballas will try to go 3-0 in the FIBA World Championships when they face France at 3:30pm EST. Get the deets here. Oh also, *PSA* season three of the hit TV show This Is Us starts Tuesday night. Bring out the tissues!

All Week: The NHL pre-season kicked off last week and teams are in action until October 1st. And, because #Canada, we know you all might be interested in staying up-to-date. Check out the pre-season schedule here.



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