June 4th:

#thegistofit is...
Golden State stays Golden. #ALLCAPS are up 2 games to 1 in the Stanley Cup. Sh!t's going down on the clay courts in Paris...and on Twitter. The Atomic Ant is back at it again. Kia Nurse is truly sensational. And, holy eff it's already June.

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OT, OT is Never Much Love When we go OT

The GIST: The NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors is well underway, with the Warriors up two games to none in the series. 

I pray to make it back in one piece: These words from Drake's hit song One Dance were prolly sung by Cavs' J.R. Smith over and over and over again after his MAJOR mistake in the final seconds of game one. Dunno this mistake we're talking about? Let us fill ya in, cuz w/out a doubt your colleagues are gonna be talking about it td. With a few seconds left at the end of the first game, Cavs player, J.R. Smith grabbed a rebound following a missed foul shot. BUT, instead of putting the ball right back up to shoot, he legit dribbled AWAY from the basket. Yes, AWAY!! To put it in perspective, that would be like running AWAY from a clearance sale at Nordstrom - YOU JUST DON'T DO IT!!! The Cavs couldn't get a shot off so the game went into overtime where the Warriors took it 124-114. Watch the cringy play unfold here. Obviously, the media and the Warriors fans just ate up this mistake, with Warriors fans cheekily cheering "MVP" at the end of the game, and gave J.R. a 'standing o' prior to the start of Game 2. LOL, we low key love it.

Then, despite the double-double performance from LeBron James in Game 2 last night, the woes continued for the Cavs as they ended up losing 122-103. This big score from the Warriors comes in large part from Steph Curry's nine 3-pointers setting an NBA Finals Record for most 3's!! NBD. BUT, let us remind you that the Cavs were down two games to none against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals and ended up winning the series, further proving that it ain't over 'til it's over. PS: still want more deets on the NBA Finals? Check out our guide here.

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Fly Like an Eagle

The GIST: This year's Stanley Cup Final between the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights is proving to be one of THE BEST yet. The Caps are currently up two games to one in the best of seven series. 

Let my Spirit Carry me: Okay. This series has been SO MUCH FUN to watch, with serious entertainment both on and off the ice. Here are our top two fave moments:

- Okay, okay, OKAY. Let us set the stage. Vegas is up by one game in the series. It's game two - a must win for the Capitals. With 2-minutes remaining, the Capitals are winning 3-2, but the Golden Knights are pressing. Vegas' Alex Tuch seemingly has a WIDE OPEN shot and looks like he's hundo p gonna score. But then, OUTTA NOWHERE, Caps goaltender, Braden Holtby, manages to get the paddle down with this SIMPLY STUNNING SAVE. Not only did this save keep The Caps alive in the playoffs, but it's truly one of the best saves in NHL Stanley Cup Finals history. Big ups to Holtby.

This crazy goal by the Capitals Captain, Alexander Ovechkin, that kicked off the scoring in Game three. This goal was v special 'cause after nine failed playoff runs, it was Ovi's first ever Stanley Cup goal at home, and gives him 14 goals for the post-season, which ties a franchise record. 
Want more of The GIST? We dun blame you. Be sure to check out our GIST Guide to the Stanley Cup. We've got you, fam. 

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Fake it 'til you Make it?

The GIST: This is a weird one - stay with us. This week, The Ringer, reported that the President of Basketball Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team, Byran Colangelo, is linked with potentially operating five secret Twitter accounts.

Secret Twitter? Who Cares? What's the BFD?: Ok. So the reason why everyone and their mom is freaking TF out over these five Twitter accounts is because these accounts have been used to: 

1) Criticize 76ers players including superstar Joel Embiid.
2) Debate decisions of the 76ers coaching staff AND to critique other teams' staff including our very own Toronto Raptors President, Masai Uijiri. OH, NO HE DI-IN'T!! FYI, Colangelo had a stint working for the Raps. 
3) Give details on a trade that took place during the 2017 draft that only someone working inside the 76ers organization would know about. 
4) Disclose nonpublic medical info about some of the 76ers players to start some hot gossip among the members of the media.
5) Finally, before this saga, Colangelo was decently well respected in the NBA as a two-time winner of the NBA Executive of the Year Award.

It was confirmed that one of the accounts (@Phila1234567) was operated by Colangelo, but he is denying operating any of the others. More recently, there's been speculation that it actually was Colangelo's wife that was running these accounts. Apparently, the last couple of digits to her phone number were linked to three of the burner accounts. Of course, this Twitter sh!t storm has started speculation that Colangelo will be fired. WELL FREAKIN' DUH!!! This is just really all too much for us - seems like it should be a case for either the FBI, or Riverdale's Betty Cooper

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Why do the French Only put one Egg in Their Omelettes?

The GIST: The second major tennis tournament of the year, the French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, is starting to heat up!

Because one Egg is un Oeuf: Hope you just appreciated that epic #dadjoke. Anyway, we're one week into the French Open and here's what you gotta know: 

- First, Serena Williams is positively slaying out there. It's her first major tennis tournament since giving birth to her baby girl last September, and although she's faced some difficult competitors due to her heinously low ranking, she's onto the round of 16 where she'll be squaring off against Russia's Maria Sharapova. Recognize that name? Prolly b/c Sharapova's been on the circuit since 2001 and has held the world number one ranking five times. BUT, in March 2016 Sharapova was suspended for 15 months for failing a drug test, testing positive for a substance called meldonium. Scandalous! Since then, Sharapova, somewhat similarly to Serena, has been trying to claw her way back to the top. 

- Second, all of our Canadian singles players (...not to be confused with their relationship status) are out of the running. Ah, merde

- Finally, clay court dominator and #1 ranked, Rafael Nadal is cruising through the French Open and is onto the round of 16. No surprise there. 

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Other Sh!t you Gotta Know

- The US Women's Open golf tournament went down this weekend and Thai, Ariya Jutanugran (sorry can't help with pronunciation on this one), won in a playoff between her and H.J. Kim of Japan at 11 under par. Fun fact, she's also the first golfer from Thailand to EVER win a major golf tournament. 

- Things are starting to look up for the Toronto FC (football club), largely thanks to the "Atomic Ant", Sebastian Giovinco. You gotta watch this ABSOLUTELY FILTHY direct goal here. We're particularly fired up about this goal because this guy is only 5'4". Like, could he even see over the wall to the net? 

- OH CANADA! On Saturday, 22-year-old Canadian basketball kween, Kia Nurse, had a night to remember on the hard court. As a rookie for the New York Liberty WNBA team, she scored 34 points, setting franchise records for a rookie and as a reserve player. You can catch some of the incredible highlights here.  

- Kinda sorta not sports related, but wtv. We thought you should know that there are seven pro-athlete contestants on this szn of the bachelorette. Thatta girl, Beccs!

Get it in the Cal.

WTF, AS IF it's June Already

And you're prolly freakin' TF out 'cause ~bikini szn~ - snuck up on you. Us too. Don't worry girl, we think you're a freakin' flawless goddess just the way you are. This week, be sure to send calendar invites to all the goddesses in your life to enjoy these events:

Today: First, at 8:15am, it's a showdown between two heavy hitters, Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova in the fourth round of the French Open tennis tournament. Perfect excuse to show up late to work if you ask us. Then tonight, it's a CRUCIAL game four of the Stanley Cup Final in Washington with puck drop at 8pm EST. 

Wednesday: The NBA Finals are shifting gears and heading over to Cleveland. The pivotal game three tip-off is at 9pm EST. 

Almost all week: The Blue Jays are playing pretty poorly so there is a v good chance tickets are gonna be cheaper than normal. #BlessUp. The bluebirds are in Toronto from Tuesday-Sunday, first playing against the NY Yankees and then the Baltimore Orioles. Grab your gal pals and get your tix here.  


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