June 25th:

#thegistofit is...
Get #thegist on all things World Cup. Calling for justice for Sterling Brown. Burger King's social media campaign was literally one of the dumbest we've seen. The Humboldt Broncos will have you crying again. Ottawa said goodbye to Hoffman.We've got a sweet discount for you. And, enjoy the long weekend - we'll see you next Tuesday!

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Wandering Free, Wish I Could Be

The GIST: We're two weeks into the 2018 FIFA World Cup. That's right, you've successfully committed to the World Cup longer than you have to your summer diet.  
Part of that *dramatic pause* WORRRLLLDDD: We know y'all wanna be a part of the FIFA World, so here are the things that you gotta know this week:

Biggest Shock: Similar to that new summer hire, Argentina has simply not been living up to expectations. The team, led by the best in the world, Lionel Messi, is on the verge of elimination after tying underdog Iceland 1-1 and then suffering a crushing 3-0 loss to Croatia. This team is ranked fifth in the world, so it's v shocking to see these poor results. Argentina can only make it to the knock-out phase if they beat Nigeria AND if Iceland either ties or loses to Croatia. Ooooh the suspense. 

Best Goal: The best goal of the week was 110% the simply stunning free kick by Toni Kroos of Germany. This Bend it Like Beckham-esque goal happened in stoppage time, giving Germany the all-important 2-1 win. Check out the goal (and the over-the-top celebration) here. FYI, ze Germans were ranked #1 going into the World Cup and desperately needed this W after losing their first game to Mexico.

Most dramatic: No one, not even the Kardashians, has the same flair for dramatics as men's pro soccer players. These men seem to embellish and flop all over the pitch hoping the referee will appreciate their acting skills and call a penalty. And... those acting skills ALMOST paid off for star Brazilian player, Neymar. Go to about 25-seconds into this video to see the epic flop where Neymar makes it look like he was literally just shot in the chest. With this Academy award-winning fall, he successfully convinced the ref that a penalty shot was deserved, BUT, he did not convince the cameras. After video review (PS: it's the first time the World Cup is using video-assisted referees), it was determined that the penalty was bogus and the call was overturned. Since then, rumour has it that Neymar has been approached by the director of The Matrix to see if he would star in their next film. 

Funniest moment: A Whatsapp convo between a girlfriend watching The World Cup in Russia, and her boyfriend who was stuck at home, literally GIVES US LIFE!!! You gotta check out the jokes yet super relatable recap here. Our fave line - "We're 34 minutes in and everyone's hair is still holding up well". 
There's only one more week of group play, with some crucial games being played to see what countries will make it to the knock-out phase. Not, not stressful.

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Justice for Sterling

The GIST: Last week, Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketball guard, Sterling Brown, sued the city of Milwaukee's police department for unlawful arrest and excessive force. 

Wait... why?: Well. Earlier this year after illegally parking his car, the police arrested and tased Brown. YES. That actually happened to a man for parking a car illegally. SMDH. A police officer was wearing a body cam during the unlawful arrest, and that body cam image was released last month. You can watch it all unfold here - but be advised, it is hard to watch. OBVIOUSLY, when the footage came out there was a whole lotta flack for how the officers handled the situation. As a result, the Milwaukee police department opened an investigation which confirmed that the "cops acted inappropriately". Like, no sh!t. 

The Bigger Picture: Brown is just one of the many black men who has suffered police brutality through racial inequality. This horrible act of injustice further demonstrates the need for movements like #TakeAKnee, that take action against these inequities. This is why it is so upsetting that those in power (*cough* POTUS and the NFL *cough*) continue to stymie these movements. 

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Free Burgers for Soccer Queens?

The GIST: Last week, Burger King managed to prove that they have less class than Melania Trump when she wore her "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" jacket when visiting a detention center holding immigrant children separated from their families. 

What did BK Do?: For the FIFA World Cup, Burger King's Russian division launched a social media campaign where they offered free burgers for life to women who got pregnant by the World Cup soccer players. We literally can't believe we wrote that sentence. But wait, there's more. Not only was Burger King going to give away free burgers, but they were also going to give women the equivalent of $50k. What an incentive!!! If that's not a reason to get knocked up, we truly dunno what is!!! Jeezus Murphy. Again, OBVIOUSLY, the company received backlash on this campaign and it was stopped shortly after it was released. Apparently this isn't the first time that the Russian Burger King ran a dumb and misogynistic campaign. Just last year, BK poked fun at a teenage rape victim in another social media campaign. How TF do people even come up with these ideas?! How do these people have jobs?! Our minds are simply boggled.

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But Wait, There's More...

- It's been just over three months since the Humboldt Broncos tragedy and last week, the team was honoured at the NHL awards with this incredibly moving video as well as a community award for the team's late coach. Warning, you will cry so get the tissues ready.

- Last week, both the NBA and the NHL drafts (AKA selecting amateur noobs to play in the league) took place and they were chock-full of fun. Check out a quick review of the NBA's drafthere, and the NHL's here
- Remember all of the dah-rama in Ottawa that we talked about in last week's newsletter? Turns out that Ottawa ended up saying "see you never" to Mike Hoffman and his fiancee as they traded him to the San Jose Sharks, who subsequently traded him to the Florida Panthers. Good riddance. 

- On Saturday, Toronto Argonauts quarterback, Ricky Ray, was hit extremely hard and sandwiched between a pair of Calgary Stampeders, injuring Ray so badly that he was carried off the field in a stretcher. You can watch the scary moment via replay here. Ray is one of the best CFL QB's in the game, and we're wishing him a speedy recovery. 

- To end things on a lighter note, be sure to watch this video of pro-golfer, Ho-Sung Choi, hit a golf ball. It's literally the wackiest swing we've ever seen.


Get it in the Cal.

Sh!t to put in the Cal Before the Long Weekend
Outside of ransacking all of the LCBO and Beer Stores this week prior to the long weekend, be sure you get these events in the cal:

All Week: It's the last week for Group play in the FIFA World Cup and we're so anxious about it we've bitten off most of our nails. The games we'll be keeping a close eye on are Nigeria vs. Argentina at 2pm on Tuesday and Brazil vs. Serbia at 2pm on Wednesday. Otherwise, check out the full schedule here.

Friday: Sticking around #the6ix this weekend? Wanna do something new and fun?! Well, we've got something for you! The Canadian Senior Men's National Basketball Team is playing against the Dominican Republic in a qualifying game for the FIBA Basketball World Cup tournament. V important game. The game's on Friday at Ricoh Coliseum and of course, we've got a discount for you. Buy your tix here, and use the discount code 'OHCANADA' to get 15% off. (PS: The GIST will be going as well, so slide into our DMs if you're going too. We'd love to meetcha.) 


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