July 3rd:

#thegistofit is...
We're almost through the knock-out phase of The World Cup. Saying goodbye to LeBron and hello to LA-Bron. Toronto fans are freaking the eff out. Wimbledon has started! As if the Winnipeg Jets said "F*CK BIEBER". We can't get over that Khloe and Tristan are staying together. And, here's what you gotta put in the cal this week.

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Knock it Out!

The GIST: We're into the knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer and sh!t is getting REAL. For the knockout stage, the top two teams from each of the eight groups moved on. That means 16 teams total - good math, guys! Six out of the eight knockout games have been played so far, and here's what you need to know and see from them:

Biggest Comeback: Yesterday's game between Japan and Belgium was like a dramatic AF episode of Friday Night Lights. After a scoreless first half, Japan went up 2-0 (ppsttt in soccer you don't say "zero", you say "nil") but then they gave away the farm to Belgium, as Belgium scored three unanswered goals, including this stunning, game-winning goal in stoppage time. 

Biggest Drama Queen: In Brazil's 2-0 win against Mexico yesterday, Brazil's star player, Neymar, was back at his theatrics. After his ankle was "stomped on" (it wasn't) Neymar proceeded to flail on the soccer pitch like a fish outta water. You must watch the ridiculous clip here. These back-to-back dramatic performances have got us thinking that Neymar must be using this World Cup for his Hollywood audition tape. 

Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye: Two of the world's top soccer players, Lionel Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, are outta the World Cup. Just goes to show, there's no "I" in "team", people!!

Shoot Outs on Shoot Outs: Sunday was absolutely nutty buns with both games, Spain vs. Russia and Croatia vs. Denmark, going to shootouts. Russia STUNNED Spain, and Croatia, after a missed penalty shot in regular time, redeemed themselves winning against Denmark. To say the shootouts were anxiety-inducing would be an understatement. Our fave moment? This game-winning save from the Russian goalkeeper. 

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Quick FYI for the Next two Sections: July 1st for the NHL and NBA marked the start of "free agency". This means that any player whose contract has ended can sign with any other team that will have them, which made our Canada Day full of excitement and anticipation. 


The GIST: So. In the NBA, we were all waiting with MUCH anticipation to see where superstar LeBron James would land. And on Sunday, The King said "see yuh never" to the Cleveland Cavaliers as he inked a four-year, $154M (!!!) deal with the LA Lakers.

Why LA?: Well. It seems as though LeBron has his sights set on bigger things than just basketball. YES, there ARE bigger things than basketball - shocking, we know. LeBron is a lil' bit of a businessman and is also a lil' bit of a showman, so LA provides him with the perfect place to grow his biz, while also getting into that Hollywood scene. LA is also a dynasty, with shows like The Hills, The O.C., Real Housewives prior Lakers' players including legends like Shaq, Kobe, and Magic, so it makes sense for LeBron to wanna join this iconic list.

But What Does This Mean for The 6ix?: Okay. So we're absolutely FIRED UP that LeBron is moving to the West Coast because this means he's no longer playing in the Eastern Conference. Therefore, our Toronto Raptors won't face LeBron in the playoffs until the NBA Finals. This is a BFD because Toronto has been ousted by LeBron for the last four years. Hallelujah! 

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The Best Canada Day EVER!!!

The GIST: The good news kept on coming for Torontonians on Sunday, when the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Jonathan Tavares to a seven-year, $77M contract. 

What's the big deal?: Leafs fans everywhere are freakin' TF out about this signing because Tavares is arguably one of the top ten players in the entire NHL. He was the number one draft pick back in 2009, was Captain for the NY Islanders (who he's peacing out on), has won two World Junior gold medals and, to cap things off, has also won an Olympic gold medal. Now if that's not an impressive resume, we dunno what is. The Leafs already have top talent like Auston Matthews, Nazem Kadri and Frederik Andersen, and now, the addition of Tavares all but guarantees AT LEAST one Stanley Cup within the next seven years. That's right, you heard it here first. 

Why the Leafs?: On top of Toronto being the best hockey market in the world (sorry Canadiens fans), Toronto is home to Tavares as he grew up in #the6ix... okay, Mississauga, but still. After announcing the signing, Tavares even got sentimental tweeting this adorable pic of him. Toronto also was a little creative with the contract. Yes, Tavares is getting $11M big ones per year BUT, and that's a big BUT, a lot of his salary is coming from his bonus. This means that even if the NHL goes on strike, which many are anticipating it will in a couple years time, he still gets paid. So sneaky, we love it.

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Wonderful Wimbledon

The GIST: Chip, chip cheerio gov'na, the most prestigious tennis tournament in the World, Wimbledon, started yesterday. 

Tell me more: Wimbledon is the third (out of four) Grand Slam tennis tournaments of the year and is taking place until July 15th. Yes, that means Wimbledon and the World Cup are gonna be playing at the same time, so you might have some difficult decisions to make on which to watch. Oh, bollocks. Wimbledon takes place at the All England Tennis Club just outside of London, England and is the only Grand Slam to be played on grass. It’s also the only tournament that requires all players to wear ONLY white. Srsly, not even “off-white” is allowed. SMDH at whoever thought this grass court and white clothing combo was a good idea. We’re legit feeling anxious just thinking about all of the grass stains. Wanna know why Wimbledon is such a BFD, how it's organized, the players to look out for, the Canadians representing us out on the courts, or just want some random @$$ facts? We gotchu. Learn everything you need to by reading The GIST's Guide to Wimbledon here.

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A few Other Things you Gotta Know

- LOL OKAY. Last Friday night, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats hosted the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and a live microphone on the Blue Bombers quarterback, Chris Streveller, caught him literally shouting "F*CK BIEBER" while on the field. As in, Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber. You gotta watch the clip here. Looks as though this "F*CK BIEBER" name is actually a play call for hurry up offense. Like, sorry Winnipeg, WTF has the Biebs ever done to you?!

- Sticking to the celeb theme, somehow, against all of our wishes, that cheating, lying, SOB Tristan Thompson has managed to snake his way back into his baby mama, Khloe Kardashian's, life. This video shows Kimmy KW and Tristan just having a knee-slapping LOL about him blocking her on Instagram. We really dun get it. 

- Oh, what's in a name?! After 18 years of being the home of the Maple Leafs and the Raptors, the Air Canada Centre (ACC) is now officially called the Scotiabank Arena after Scotiabank struck an $800M, 20-year deal with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment. Low key. 

Get it in the Cal.

Bless Up, It's a Short Week
After you're done listening to Drake's v long, but still v fire of a double-album, Scorpion, you gotta get these events in your cal:

Tuesday: There's only one day left of the first knockout round in the World Cup before the quarter-finals start on Friday. Today, make sure you watch Sweden take on Switzerland at 10am EST and Columbia take on England at 2pm EST. 

All Week: It's Wimbledon, duh. Check out the schedule here. Oh also, the Toronto Blue Jays are playing at home all week except for Thursday and are hosting the NY Mets and then the NY Yankees. You can getcha tix here. The hot dogs you'll have to get at the game. 


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