July 23rd:

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Tiger Woods didn’t win The British Open. • An all-female sailing team made history.  • #MeToo is hitting the sports world again. • We’re still shook AF about DeMar DeRozan. • The Tour de France is underway. • RIP Denis Ten. • Refer friends for a chance to win TFC tickets!

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Oi, Can you Pass the Tea and Crumpets?

The GIST: The British Open, also known as “The Open” took place at the Carnoustie golf course in Scotland this weekend with Italy’s Francesco Molinari taking it.
Ciao!: Molinari won the tournament with a score of eight under par (pssttt: par at The Open is 71 and the score is cumulative over four rounds), making him the first Italian to EVER win a major tournament. Molinari did so in style with his last round being bogey-free. So now, on top of its beautiful art and effin’ delicious pizza and gelato that made you gain ten pounds on your last vacation, the Italians can also be somewhat known for golf too. We’re sure they’re absolutely thrilled about it.
Best Moment: This simply STUNNING 55-foot eagle putt from leprechaun Irishman, Rory McIlroy. LFG!!!
How did Tiger Woods do?: Okay. So as much as it pains us to have to write about Tiger Woods every goddamn time golf is played, he kinda sorta deserves to be talked about this time. Tiger had a v good showing, tying for sixth and shooting five under par. Wondering why we have to talk about the cat all the time? Learn more in our very own GIST’s Deep Dive to Tiger Woods here.

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Like a FREAKIN' Girl

The GIST: Last week, for the first time ever, an all-female sailing team made history and won the Race to Alaska - a 750-mile race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska. Talk about girl power, baby!!!
Okay, What is This Race?: The premise of the Race to Alaska is to get from Washington to Alaska totally self-supported and without a motor. Although the mode of transport needs to be by boat, the type of boat isn’t dictated and there’s no official route. The only thing the teams must do is sail through Seymour Narrows and Bella Bella, B.C - a true testament of physical endurance and navigation!
HYFR, Of Course The Gals Won!: The Seattle-based eight-person, all-female crew that won did so in six days and 13 hours. What’s super impressive is that the team won while sailing a relatively older boat that really wasn’t that fast. To give you some background, typically if you’re sailing a slower boat you’re given a “handicap” that helps to level the playing field. HOW-EV-ER the Race to Alaska is not your standard sailing race - no handicaps here. At one point, to get through light winds, which are no good in sailing, the team propelled themselves forward by pedaling bikes rigged to the back of the boat. So creative and gritty, we love it.

The team called themselves “Sail Like a Girl” in an ode to the sexist “like a girl” phrase that tends to have a negative connotation in sports. For placing first, the team won $10k cash (that they donated to breast cancer research)... and the second place team won steak knives. LOL. This race sounds truly insane and we’re FIRED THE HECK UP that an all-female team won it. You can learn more about these legends here.

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Sister Survivors

The GIST: Last week, the hundreds of survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse were awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs. FYI - the ESPYs are kinda like the Academy Awards for sports.
Quick Reminder: Nassar is the disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor who, over a 30-year span, sexually abused over 300 young female athletes and at least one male athlete. Earlier this year, Nassar was sentenced to 175 (!!!) years in prison for this sexual abuse and another 60 years for the possession of child pornography.
Now What?: Well. Now that this disgusting pedophile has been put behind bars, the self-proclaimed ‘Sister Survivors’ are shining a light on the institutions that protected Nassar. They have demonstrated that the USA Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State were focused on medals, money and fame over the safety of their young athletes. These brave athletes are truly the epitome of strength and courage, and are sparking a movement to seek justice for the unprotected. At the awards, they gave an incredibly moving speech and created this heart-wrenching montage that we really encourage you to watch. While it’s a difficult story to hear and watch, it is so important that we do.
Gymnastics Aren’t the Only Ones with Issues: Last week, Ohio State University was sued by four former wrestlers for ignoring complaints about sexual abuse by a doctor. Sound familiar? *cough* Michigan State *cough*. In this lawsuit, the former athletes allege that Richard Strauss, who committed suicide after retiring from the university, assaulted approximately 1,500 male athletes during his time as coach. The lawsuit claims the athletes complained to the university back in the '90’s, but nothing was done. Learn more here. Ugh. This suit further demonstrates the importance of the work that the ‘Sister Survivors’ are doing.  

GIST some Other sh!t you Should Know

- Unless you live under a rock or don’t follow The GIST on Instagram (not-so-subtle plug, we know, BUT you should probably follow us), you know that our Toronto Raptors franchise player and All-Star, DeMar DeRozan, was traded to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday morning in return for Kawhi (pronounced KAH-WHY) Leonard. The news shook the #6ix, and apparently DeRozan too, as he posted his first and only Instagram this week. *Warning* the post will make you as emotional as your mom was when she dropped you off at university. Wanna know more about the trade? Click here
- Straight up, it was a bit of a slow news week so we’re hitting the ~fringe sports~. The gruelling AF three-week cycling race, the Tour de France, is well underway. You may remember the tour as it likely sparks memories of yellow rubber bracelets and that lying lie face liar, Lance Armstrong. Anyway. You’ve got to check out a crazy moment of the tour, when a rando biker, who was not a part of the race, literally jumped OVER the peloton. Click here to watch the ‘dafuq' moment. 

- Finally, for the second straight week, it’s with very heavy hearts that we report another death in the sports world, the passing of Denis Ten. Ten, a 25-year-old Kazakhstani figure skater, was stabbed on July 19th in his hometown in Kazakhstan after an altercation between him and two men who were allegedly trying to steal his car mirrors. Ten was an incredibly gifted skater, most notably winning the bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. RIP.

Get it in the Cal.

Holy shiet it’s the last week of July. Truly, where TF has the summer gone?! Make sure you make the most of this week by getting these events in the cal:

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Wednesday & Saturday: On Wednesday, the Toronto FC are hosting the Ottawa Fury FC in the second leg of the semi-finals for the Canadian Championships. FYI, TFC won the first leg last Wednesday 1-0… and they did so in fiery fashion. On Saturday, TFC is back to MLS action when they host Chicago at 7pm EST. You can get your tix here.


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