August 7th:

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Donald Trump is back at it with his Twitter antics. • ‘Twas a busy weekend in golf. • Colin Kaepernick was “accidentally” censored out of a video game track. • A 10-year-old beat Michael Phelps' record in butterfly • We’ve got a new banger for you to listen to. • Justin Bieber's manager is getting into sports. • Phil Mickelson channeled his inner Phil Dunphy. • Johnny Football had a brutal debut. • And, we have some new reads for you!!

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Commander in Beef

The GIST: Last week, reality TV star president Donald Trump went after LeBron James on Twitter (obvi) saying, “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!” SMDH.
Why Doe?: This tweet came after CNN re-aired an interview they did with LeBron. In the interview, LeBron said the president “kinda used sports to divide us” and he would “never sit across” from the Donald. So naturally, after seeing this interview and being the insecure human-being that he is, Trump just had to tweet about it. Like, sorry Trump, don’t you have anything better *cough* like running a country *cough* to do?!
Then What?: Well, OF COURSE, the basketball and sports community at large came to support King James, including Steph Curry, Michael Jordan (who, BTW, is the “Mike” Trump is referring to in the tweet) and Stephen A. Smith. Even the First Lady, who ironically is running an anti-bullying campaign right now, somewhat came to LeBron’s side. Read more about that here. Also, ICYMI, last week The King opened a public school, called “I Promise”, for at-risk children in his hometown. So seriously Trump, why TF are you hating on LeBron rn!? Sports are one of the only things in the world that unite people across all backgrounds, and it is so goddamn frustrating to see a leader try to use something as magical as sports to divide us.

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"Putting" on a Show

The GIST: It was a v busy weekend on the links with the women’s British Open and the men’s Bridgestone Invitational tournaments taking place. England’s Georgia Hall took it for the women and America’s Justin Thomas for the men.
Ladies First: Hall, at the ripe age of 22, won her first major tournament with a score of 17 under par. On top of her stellar play on the weekend, we also FREAKIN’ LOVE Hall because, after the tournament, she called out the lack of sponsorship and prize money for female athletes, noting that there were times she hadn’t been able to play in some tournaments because of the high travel costs. For example, the purse for the women’s British Open was $3.25M which is legit chump change compared to the men’s $10.5M. *exasperated sigh* While we’re talking about our ladies, we gotta give a shoutout to our Canadian gyal, Brooke Henderson. Although she finished tied for eleventh, she still had a moment to remember when she sunk this epic hole-in-one. Casual.
Over to the Dudes: Thomas owned the links pretty well all weekend finishing up with a score of 15 under par - four ahead of the runner-up. Really though, the must-see moment was after the tournament when Thomas got emotional AF celebrating his tour win with his grandparents. Truly nothing makes us swoon over a man more than seeing his love for his grandparents. S’cute.

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Simply Maddening

The GIST: Last week, EA Sports came under major fire after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's name was edited out of the song “Big Bank”, which is featured on the video game “Madden NFL ‘19”.
So What?!: This is a BFD because Kaepernick started the peaceful #TakeAKnee protest back in 2016 which has caused much hoopla in the media and with President Trump ever since. On top of that, Kaepernick, although an insanely talented football player, has remained unsigned ever since, largely due to the controversy surrounding this protest. Not familiar with #TakeAKnee? Learn more about the movement from our very own GIST’s Deep Dive on the topic here.
How Was it Cut Out?: EA Sports released an official statement on Twitter saying that their team misunderstood the fact that while EA doesn’t have the rights to include Kaepernick as a player in the game, that those rights don’t affect the soundtracks. But… we’re calling BS. Big Sean, the artist of the track, tweeted to say that he did not okay the removal of Kaepernick’s name and that he was disappointed and appalled by NFL and EA Sports’ decision. All of this just sounds fishy AF to us. Apparently, EA is correcting this “mistake” for the August 10th launch date.

Speaking Of #TakeAKnee: At the pro-football Hall of Fame induction this weekend, prior Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots wide receiver, Randy Moss, wore a tie showing the names of black men, women, and children who were either killed by police or died under suspicious circumstances while in police custody. Well done, Randy, well done.

GIST some Other sh!t you Should Know

- It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman a 10-year old swimmer named Clark Kent! Wait, what?! You read it right. Last week, Kent beat a record that Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all-time, has held since 1995. That’s 23 years ago, ppl!!! Learn more about the story and the lil’ fish here.
- You MUST give a listen to this bop called “Undefeated” by Rayana Jay. It’s an anthem celebrating the resilience of black female athletes who not only battle opponents on the playing fields, but who also battle stereotypes off of them.
- Although we all thought Scooter Braun was too busy scheming whirlwind engagements for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande to do anything else, he’s truly shocked us by getting into a fitness venture of his own. Learn more about his digital boxing venture, Rumble (LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!), here.
- LOL OKAY. You’ve got to watch this jokes commercial where golfin’ great, Phil Mickelson, shows off his best dad moves. It’s so cringey, but at the same time it’s one of those things you just can’t seem to take your eyes away from. And you thought your Dad was embarrassing.
- “Things went so bad, so quick.” No, we’re not talking about your wildly awkward Bumble date this weekend. This was a quote from quarterback Johnny Manziel following his pretty awful CFL debut on Friday where the Montreal Alouettes lost 50-11 against the Hamilton Ti-Cats. Yikes. See the highlights of the game here.

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This Week’s Top Reads: We’ve been busy writing away at The GIST HQ for our beloved GISTers (that’s you!). First up, check out our Deep Dive on the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal here. It’s a very hard story to hear, but one that the world really needs to. We promise you won't regret giving it a read. Next up, The GIST has started a blog! It’s not a regular blog, it’s a cool blog. Check out our first post where our very own Roslyn answers “The Tough Questions” we’ve been getting on starting a sports news company here.

All Week: After Taylor Swift successfully made us lose our voices scream-singing at her concert this weekend, The Toronto Blue Jays are back in town all week. They’re first hosting the best in the division, Boston Red Sox, and then the Tampa Bay Rays. You can getcha tix here.

Also All week: Oh, baby! The best of the best in tennis are in Canada for the Rogers Cup. The women are playing in MTL and the men in TO. FYI, Serena Williams had to drop out of the Cup last minute due to personal reasons. Welp. Still though, be sure to check out the tournament schedule here, and get your tickets here.  


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