August 13th:

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No big surprises at the Rogers Cup. • Tiger was close but no cigar at the PGA Championship. • We’re going deep on the MLB’s steroid scandal. • The Canadian women placed third at the world softball championships. • EPL started and we’ve got a guide for you. • Mookie Betts hit for the cycle. • We have a new Canadian swimming sensation. • And, we’ll tell ya what’s up this week!
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Roger That

The GIST: The only ATP/WTA tennis tournament hosted in Canada, The Rogers Cup, finished yesterday with both #1 ranked players, Simona Halep for the women and Rafael Nadal for the men, winning it.
Les Femmes Fantastiques: The final game between American Sloane Stephens (FYI Toronto FC star Jozy Altidore is her bf) and Romanian Halep was a marathon of a match. It took two hours and 41 minutes for Halep to beat Stephens 7-6, 3-6, 6-4. This win marked Halep’s second Rogers Cup title in just four years. Atta girl!
Number One: Straight up, Nadal pretty much mopped the floor beating Stefanos Tsitsipas (pronounced see-see-pass) of Greece in straight sets 6-2, 7-6. This title marked Nadal’s 80th career tournament win and his fifth title this year. Unfortunately for Tsitsipas, this loss occurred on the kid’s 20th birthday. The 20s will do that do you buddy, don’t take it too hard.
It’s All Greek to Me: The most fun story of this tourney was Tsitsipas’ Cinderella story. While still 19 years old, Tsitsipas became the youngest player EVER to beat four top-10 players at an ATP event!!! LOL, can confirm we were NOT doing that epic stuff at 19. Anyway. It was also so fun to see the Toronto crowd getting behind this kid. Greektown was out in full force showing support and even Sidney Crosby made an appearance in the final. Opa!

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And, That's All She Wrote

The GIST: The final major golf tournament of the season, the PGA Championship, occurred over the weekend with American Brooks Koepka taking it for the first time.
Tell Me More: This win was a BFD for Koepka mostly because, with this win, he became just the fifth golfer ever to win a PGA Championship and the US Open (both majors) in the same season. You should also know, this marks this 28-year-old’s third major tournament win. Casual.
What About the Kitty Cat?!: Okay. So. For the first time this golf season, the insane amount of media hype that Tiger Woods received was actually deserved (pssttt learn why everyone is obsessed with Tiger by reading our Deep Dive: here). The Cat played some awe-inspiring golf this weekend coming in second - almost securing his first major win in ten years. With this in mind, be prepared to hear the following phrases at the office today: “that was so vintage Tiger”, “guarantee you, next tournament, he’s winning it”, “I’m thinking I’ll start wearing red on Sundays too”. You’re welcome for the warning.  

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The Name's Bonds, Barry Bonds

The GIST: On Saturday, former San Francisco Giant and MLB home run record holder, Barry Bonds, had his jersey number retired by the Giants.
So what?: Well, as much as Bonds is the home run record holder, he is also a cheater. YUP, WE SAID IT. This guy cheated in baseball more than Tristan Thompson did on Khloe Kardashian (time to dump his @$$, Khlo).
How’d He Cheat?!: Bonds was a central figure in baseball’s steroids scandal. As a result, his home run record has a major asterisk beside it and he has yet to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF). Bonds is v shook about not being inducted yet and he made this quite apparent at his 75-minute extra AF ceremony. During the ceremony, even his godfather and baseball icon, Willie Mays, called for the HOF to cut the crap and let Bonds in.
Fill me in on this “scandal”: The steroids scandal is one for the ages - and one that we thought you would want to know about. So, we wrote a quick GIST’s Deep Dive on it. This scandal includes some jaw-dropping dah-rama, so be sure to give ‘er a read here.


A League of Their Own

The GIST: Our Canadian women’s softball team absolutely slayed at the women’s softball world tournament, earning a bronze medal. BRING HOME THAT BACON, BABY!!!
The Deets: Canada was dominant throughout the round robin of the tournament, hosted in Chiba, Japan, winning five games and only losing two. In the playoffs, it seemed as though the gals were on cruise control, winning their first three games, until Japan stopped them dead in their tracks in the bronze medal match. Welp. Unfortunately, coming in third doesn’t automatically qualify Canada for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. BUT, don’t panic, they’ll have another chance at qualifying in 2019. Fun fact: both softball and baseball were dropped from the Olympics after the 2008 Beijing summer games, but are making a comeback for 2020. Play ball!

GIST some Other sh!t you Should Know

- Alright, people. It’s time to steep your tea, butter your crumpets and blast “Wanna Be” by the Spice Girls (we got dibs on Sporty!). Why? Because the English Premier League soccer season has started and it just so happens to be the most watched sports league in the world. So, we wrote a guide for you. Check it out here. You can thank us later.
- Boston Red Sox outfielder, Mookie Betts, became the first MLB player this season to hit for the cycle. Dafuq does that mean? That means Betts hit a single, a double, a triple AND a home run all in one game! You can watch the incredible highlights here. Unfortunately, this cycle came against our struggling Toronto Blue Jays. Derp.
- At the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Tokyo last week, Canadian swimming sensation, Taylor Ruck, was a shark. Pun intended. This 18-year-old earned five medals (!!!) at the championships, setting a new Canadian record for medals won. Can you say mer-kween!?

Get it in the Cal.

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