Miracle on Liverpool Street  

The GIST: Liverpool staged one of the most miraculous comebacks in soccer sports history on Tuesday and is headed to the Champions League final.

Back up. What’s Champions League?: It’s an annual soccer tournament featuring 32 of the best European teams, fighting to be crowned the top soccer club in the continent.

  • In each matchup, teams play two games (home and away) against each other, with the winner advancing on aggregate (goals added together, with away goals counting for more in the event of a tie). Soccer’s wacky, we know.

Got it. Now, tell me about the comeback: So get this, Liverpool lost 3–0 to Barcelona (the team that Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world, plays for) on the road in the first leg of the semifinal on Wednesday. That meant they needed to win by at least four goals at home in order to advance.

  • To make matters worse, Liverpool was without star players Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino due to injury and had just a 7% chance of winning.

  • But as Justin Bieber once taught us, never say never. Somehow, in one of the most magical games we’ve ever witnessed, Liverpool powered its way to a 4–0 victory.

  • Of course, the CROWD. WENT. WILD. Brits are obsessed with their soccer and it’s never been so evident. People were singing and dancing, and grown men were brought to tears of joy. It was absolutely incredible. Sports. You have to love ’em.

This comeback was truly something special. So, will you be watching the Champions League final with us?