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The GIST: The Toronto Raptors have taken a 3-2 series lead after absolutely demolishing the Philadelphia 76ers 125–89 in Game 5 on Tuesday, the largest playoff win in Raptors history.

Was it all about Kawhi again?: Yes, but also no. Kawhi drained 21 points and had 13 rebounds to record another double-double; however, this win was, refreshingly, a full team effort with five other players also putting up double-digits.

But, arguably, the best play of the game came from off the court: To put things lightly, 76ers’ star big-man, Joel Embiid, had a horrible game. Granted, he was battling an upper respiratory infection, but still. So when Embiid was sent to the bench in the fourth quarter, Drake and the Toronto faithful started mocking Embiid and his “airplane” celebration. So gutty, we love it.

  • Otherwise, from Drake sitting courtside wearing his Breaker High sweater (basically a Canadian Heritage Moment), to Kawhi’s epic dunk through two Sixers to end the first half, to Marc Gasol’s swaggy three-pointer, this game truly had it all.

What’s next?: The Raptors will try to finish off the Sixers in Game 6 tonight at 8 p.m. ET in Philly. If they do, they’ll face the Milwaukee Bucks, who beat the Boston Celtics in Game 5 last night.

  • To win and to keep Embiid at bay, the Raps will need another huge game from big-man Marc Gasol.

Over in the West: The Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors series feels like the NBA Finals and it’s crazy to think one of these teams will be going home after Round 2.

How confident are you in the Raptors to take Game 6? And who will make it out alive in the West? Let us know in the comments below!

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