"I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road"  

The GIST: In one of the most dramatic races in Kentucky Derby history, Country House (yes, that’s the horse’s name) took home his first Derby title.
Fill me in on the drama: Initially, it looked as though Maximum Security (yes, also a horse’s name) had won the race. However, after a 22-minute review, the stewards (fancy name for judges) determined that Maximum Security had committed interference, bumping several horses along the way to his victory. That’s a major no-no in horse racing, so the colt was disqualified (DQ’ed).

  • This decision was a huge deal as it marked the first time in the Derby’s 145-year history (!!!) that the winner was DQ’ed.

So now what?: Well, Country House, who had 1 in 65 odds of winning the race, is walking (or likely galloping) home with a cool $1.8M USD. And a $2 bet on Country House to win would have returned $132.40 — the second-highest gambling payout in Derby horse-story. Nice.

  • Country House’s win also marked the first time in seven years that the favourite didn’t win. Which, for fans and gamblers, makes everything so much more interesting than just having the favourite win time after time.

  • But…: It looks like the owners of Maximum Security, Gary and Mary West, have indicated they may appeal, with Gary saying, “I think this is the most egregious disqualification of horse racing, and not just because it’s our horse.” Sure Gary, surreee. 

This is a major deal in horse racing. What do you think of the call?