The Back of Your Head Is Ridiculous  

The GIST: On Tuesday night, Boston Bruin Brad Marchand, the NHL’s resident prankster and all-around (proud) jerk, was stirring up trouble again.

What’s with this guy?: Marchand made a name for himself in last year’s playoffs by licking other players. Yes, gross. And believe it or not, he’s upped his dirty play in the second series of the Stanley Cup playoffs, against the Columbus Blue Jackets. First came this brutal stomp on Cam Atkinson’s stick in Game 1, then came two more dirty plays in Game 3. Come on, dude.

  • The first was this ridiculous crosscheck to Boone Jenner’s face midway through the second period. Rightfully so, Marchand was given a high-sticking penalty on the play.

  • Then came Marchand’s suckerpunch to the back of Scott Harrington’s head late in the third while Harrington was on his knees, unaware of the goon behind him. Are you serious? So unnecessary.

Was he disciplined for that punch?: No penalty and no suspension, despite fans calling for his head (ironic) after the game.

Otherwise, here’s how the playoffs are looking: The Carolina “Bunch of Jerks” Hurricanes hold a 3-0 series lead (!!!) over the New York Islanders; the Columbus Blue Jackets are up 2-1 over the Boston Bruins; the San Jose Sharks are up 2-1 over the Colorado Avalanche; and the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars are tied at two games apiece.

Elsewhere in the hockey-verse: The CWHL’s doors officially closed yesterday, and at least three trophies are headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame (where they belong). Canada announced its roster for the men’s world hockey championship (featuring friend of The GIST Thomas Chabot!). And Canada’s para-ice hockey team is looking as strong as ever at the world championships, earning a bye to the semis on Friday.

Do you think Marchand deserved a suspension for that hit, or are people overreacting? We want to pick your brain.