January 31st

The GIST's Fave Quote of the Week

“I sat and probably didn't come out of my room, ate ice cream and watched Netflix for three straight days." - New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton on how he handled losing against the LA Rams in the NFC Conference Finals… basically the same way we would all deal with a break-up.

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The Super Bowl - A Preview    

The GIST: The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here - the end of President Trump’s presidency Super Bowl LIII (roman numerals for 53… fancy, fancy)! Here’s The GIST on what you need to know:
When’s the Game?: Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30 p.m. ET. In Canada, you can watch on DAZN (free first-month trial!), CTV or TSN. 
Where? In Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The Super Bowl - giving a whole new meaning to hot-lanta.
Who’s Playing?: It’s the LA Rams (the best team from the NFC) taking on the New England Patriots (the best team from the AFC). Similar to your workplace, this game is a battle between the millennials (32-year-old coach Sean McVay and 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff) and the old/experienced (66-year-old Bill Belichick and 41-year-old Tom Brady).
Who’s Gonna Win?: Although the Rams’ regular season record was 13-3 and the Patriots’ was 11-5, the Patriots are 2.5 point favourites to win…maybe because it’s their THIRD STRAIGHT Super Bowl appearance. Ain’t no thang. Still, anything could happen.
Who’s Performing?: Maroon 5 is headlining with guests Travis Scott (you might know him better as Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend) and Big Boi (kinda random). Rumour has it that Travis Scott might propose to Kylie at the game. And honestly, we wouldn’t put it past them considering they used last year’s Super Bowl as a way to tell the world about the existence of their daughter, Stormi.
Something Cool: Two of the Rams’ cheerleaders will make history on Sunday as the first men on a cheerleading squad in the Super Bowl. Cheers (literally) to breaking gender barriers!
Want more?: We know you do. Read The GIST’s Guide to the Super Bowl here. It’s a must read before Sunday.


Wanna Tradesies?

The GIST: It’s trading season! And no, we’re not talking about trading Pokemon cards at recess or trading your oreos for a fruit roll-up at lunch in elementary school. We’re talking about the NBA and the NHL trade deadlines.
WTF is the Trade Deadline?: It’s the last time in a season that teams are able to trade players.
Okay cool. Why Does it Exist?: The purpose of the trade deadline is to keep competitive balance on the teams towards the end of the season before playoffs start in April. By February, you normally know which teams will likely be in the playoffs (go Raps!), are on the cusp, or are out (welp - sorry Sens fans). So, around the trade deadline, you’ll see A LOT of trade activity as playoff contending teams make trades to get some top talent for their playoff push.
Got it. When Are the Trade Deadlines?: The NBA’s trade deadline is coming up on February 7th and the NHL’s is February 25th. Stress.
Trade Rumours in the NBA: The biggest trade rumour right now is around New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis. Earlier this week ‘The Brow’ (the nickname coming from his unsightly signature unibrow) told the Pelicans that he won’t sign a contract extension and wants a trade. This dude is arguably one of the top five players in the NBA so would be a #majorkey on whatever team he landed on.
Where’s He Gonna Land? Apparently, Davis is most interested in LeBron James and the LA Lakers (get in line buddy). BUT rumour has it our Toronto Raptors are going to be making him an offer too. We’re calling it now: if the Raps get Davis, they’ll win the NBA Championship. *knocks on wood three thousand times*
Meanwhile in the NHL: Things are just getting started in the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for LA Kings defenceman, Jake Muzzin. Muzzin (who we will now be calling Muzzy) is a prior Stanley Cup winner, so his solid play and experience will hopefully help the Leafs secure home-ice advantage during the playoffs. *knocks on wood three thousand times again*  
We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Ottawa Senators trade away Matt Duchene. We know. He’s a great player and you don’t want to see him go. BUT, he’s a free agent this summer and because he’s so good, Ottawa might get some good players and/or draft picks in return to help with the rebuild.


The GIST: Toronto FC is saying goodbye to one of their top forwards, Sebastian Giovinco.
So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye: Giovinco has been sold to a Saudi club team called Al-Hilal, with TFC receiving a transfer fee of about $2-3 million CAD. We’re really gonna miss this feisty Italian dude. Although he is only 5’4” he never let his size stop him, which is why he was nicknamed the ‘Atomic Ant’. In his four years with TFC he earned a league MVP title and an MLS championship. Arrivederci!

What’s Up This Week

Starting today: Although it’s unbearably cold in Canada, if you can believe it, the pro golf season is already underway. And today, the Waste Management Phoenix Open (named after a company - but yes, a v weird tournament name) starts in Scottsdale, Arizona. We get it, sometimes golf is a little bit slow to watch. BUT we promise, this is not your grandpa’s tournament. It’s actually rowdy AF. Learn more about ‘the best show on grass’ here.

Women to Watch All Weekend: It’s a busy weekend for women in sports. Two WTA (women’s tennis association) tournaments are happening - one in Russia and one in Thailand - and there are five CWHL games. So much good to choose from we love it.

Sunday: We repeat, it’s the Super Bowl! And, we repeat, we want you to watch it with us! We’re hosting a huge girls night in to watch the game together. We’re talking tons of food, tons of drinks (an open bar of course), tons of swag and tons of fun. Get your ticket here OR join Bumble BFF, get swiping, and swipe on The GIST when you see our profile. Your ticket is $5 off when you buy through Bumble. Happy buzzin’.

Do you love Netflix?: If your answer was ‘yes’, then we have a treat for you: DAZN(pronounced DA-ZONE). DAZN is like Netflix, but for sports. You can watch sports anytime, anywhere, from any device, live or on-demand. Amazing, no?! Learn more about DAZN and get your one-month free trial (#bless) here.
And, if you sign up today, you’ll be able to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl for free (#doublebless).
P.S. This company is one of The GIST’s partners.

How Loud Can a Leo Roar…Part 2

The GIST: On Monday, we predicted that All-Star Game MVP and Leo, Sidney Crosby would score at least once in last night’s game where his Pittsburgh Penguins squared off against the Tampa Bay Lightning. And, we were right. Sid the kid buried one goal in a 4-2 win against the Lightning. We’re now 4.5-1 with our horoscope predictions. 
Horoscope: We’re keeping the good times rolling with the Leos in Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was born on August 3rd. Leos are natural leaders who can have a big (and fragile) ego. So, you better believe Brady is going to be in top form on Sunday as he tries to lead his team to a sixth Super Bowl win and solidify his reputation as the GOAT. Our prediction? Patriots win. *knocks on wood three thousand times yet again*

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