January 14th

The NFL is down to its final four. Our Canadians won the U18 Women’s World Championship! Get a preview of what’s going on in the land down unda. The Toronto Blue Jays are getting inspo from Netflix. Maori Davenport is finally back on the court.The NHL’s points leader is setting records and breaking hearts. The U.S. government isn’t the only thing in Washington that’s getting shut down. See what’s up this week. And, see what’s in ~the stars~.

The GIST Quote of The Week

“Drop the sticks, let’s get crankin’. Snoop Dogg in the house, lemme see something!” - Snoop Dogg yelled. The rapper was the guest DJ on Saturday night when the Vegas Golden Knights hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins. He even joined the TV announcers in the commentating booth in the first period. Needless to say, we could listen to Snoop do play-by-play all season.  

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It's the Final Countdown  

The GIST: The NFL postseason is just heating up. Only four lucky teams remain after the divisional round.
What Happened This Weekend?: The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Indianapolis Colts, the LA Rams beat the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots beat the LA Chargers and the New Orleans Saints beat the Philadelphia Eagles. All home teams that were expected to win, won. Borrrrring.
So What’s Next?: That means on Sunday, the Chiefs will host the Patriots for the AFC championship game, and the Saints will host the Rams for the NFC championship game. The winner of each game moves on to the Super Bowl on February 3rd.
Fun Facts to Note: Whether you love or hate the Patriots, you gotta respect them because game recognize game. Yesterday, they clobbered the Chargers 41-28 on their way to their EIGHTH-STRAIGHT conference championship game. Domination station, baby! Meanwhile, the Saints came back from losing 0-14 to win 21-14 against Philly. It was the largest postseason comeback in their franchise history. *I get knocked down but I get up again plays in the background*
An LOL Moment: Okay. The funniest moment from the weekend was, without a doubt, when Kansas City’s star wide receiver, Tyreek Hill (aka Cheetah), blew past the Colts defenders and literally threw up a peace sign back to them as he ran the ball in for a touchdown. Like, byeeee. 2019 mood AF.

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Canada of the Overtime Wins and Mother of Hockey

The GIST: Yesterday in Japan, our Canadian hockey team won the U18 women’s world championship. O’ CANADA!
The Deets: These girls have a flair for the dramatic. After beating Russia 4-3 in overtime (OT) in the semifinals, our gals beat the reigning U.S. champs 3-2 YET AGAIN in OT to claim the gold medal. Anxiety-inducing but we are also here for the right reasons drama.
Watch it Go Down: You gotta watch the winning OT goal and the smile-inducing celebration here. The future of Canadian women’s hockey is looking hella bright!


Why Did the Manager Hire the Marsupial?

The GIST: Because he was koala-fied. The first Grand Slam of the tennis season, the Australian Open, has officially kicked off in Melbourne so we thought we’d give you a quick preview of the tourney.
Who Won Last Year?: Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki and Switzerland’s Roger Federer. Last year’s Aussie Open marked Wozniacki’s first (and only) Grand Slam win, whereas it was Federer’s sixth Aussie Open victory and 20th Grand Slam title. Casual. Both Woz and R-Fed (yes we’re on a nickname basis with both of them) are No. 3 seeds for this year’s tournament.
Who’s Ranked No. 1?: Romanian Simona Halep and Serbian Novak Djokovic (pronounced JOKE-OH-VITCH... but we call him ‘the Joker’).
What About Serena Williams?: Last year Williams didn’t play in the Aussie Open because she was on maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter (seriously the cutest baby) in September 2017. BUT earlier that year, Williams won the Aussie Open WHILE PREGNANT. Yep, she was preggers and won a Grand Slam. Meanwhile, we can’t even run 2km when we have a food baby. All hail the KWEEN. Williams is the No. 16 seed for her return to the land down unda.
Canadian Content: Reppin’ the red and white for the women is Bianca Andreescu and Genie Bouchard. You might remember Andreescu from last week’s newsletter. After placing second at the ASB Classic, the 18-year-old (still can’t get over that she’s 18) is hoping the good times keep rockin’ and rollin’.
That said, our best hope for a win still might be with our men. Both of our Canadian dudes are seeded (ranked in the top 30 players for the tournament). Milos ‘Perfect Hair’ Raonic (pronounced MEE-LOSH RAU-NITCH) is the No. 16 seed and Denis Shapovalov (aka El Shapo) is the No. 25 seed. LET’S GO CANADA!
Ain’t No Lie, Baby Bye Bye Bye: In a v emotional press conference last week, British tennis player and former world No. 1, Andy Murray announced that he’ll be retiring at some point this season because he’s been struggling with a nagging hip injury. We’re big fans of Murray not only for his passion on the court, but also off of it. He was/is an unapologetic feminist and we love him for that.  

GIST Some Other Sh!t You Should Know

- The Toronto Blue Jays, motivated by Netflix’s Tidying Up, are cleaning house this offseason. After ditching (literally though) Troy Tulowitzki, the Jays have traded Canadian-born catcher Russell Martin to the LA Dodgers in return for two prospects. TBH, we think it’s an okay trade even though the Jays are on the hook for $16.4M of his $20M salary this year.
- After a USA Basketball f*** up, high school senior (aka Grade 12) Maori Davenport FINALLY (although it might be temporary) returned to the court on Friday after missing 16 games over 43 days of being ineligible. She put up 25 points in her winning return. In case you missed Thursday’s newsletter, you can (and should) get #thegist on the background of this story here.
- Over in the NHL, Tampa Bay Lightning superstar Nikita Kucherov is taking the NHL by storm (get it?). He’s the first player since Mario Lemieux (not to be confused with Mario and Luigi) to reach 75 points (total goals and assists) in 45 games. Damn, Kuch!
OT, OT, there’s never much love when we go OT… unless, that is, you’re the Toronto Raptors. Yesterday afternoon, the Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 140-138 in double OT thanks to Serge Ibaka’s beyond epic three-point go-ahead basket. We guess the U.S. government isn’t the only thing in Washington that’s getting shut down.

What’s Up This Week

Today & All Week: As mentioned, the Australian Open is finally upon us! Tonight (and early tomorrow morning because of the time difference) you can watch our Canadians play here and get the full schedule here.

Wednesday: The Toronto Raptors are travellin’ to Boston to face Kyrie Irving and his Celtics. Tip off is at 8 p.m. ET.

Get ‘Cha Tickets: The CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League) 2019 All-Star game is on Sunday at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto! For ONLY $25 you can watch some of the best hockey this country has to offer. Seriously though, many of these bad@$$ women are Olympians and World Champions. So, grab your friends, family, colleagues and frenemies and get your tickets here.


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