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The GIST - February 14th Newsletter

The Toronto Raptors signed anotha’ one. We’re shaking our heads at the Cleveland Browns. Learn about WTF esports are and spoiler alert... there’s A LOT of money in it. Marc Gasol is all of us. The new #RivalrySeries makes for a great V-Day present. Kyler Murray is the Arie of sports. See what’s up this weekend. And see what ~the stars~ are telling us. read newsletter

Imagine having an entire team, an entire city, or an entire country counting on you to do your job. Imagine having people critiquing your every move and that a bad move means you’ll likely up being made fun of on national television.

Sweating yet? Same. read more

While some Super Bowl ads of the past were likely created by Mel Gibson types in What Women Want, female viewers in Canada are expecting more out of advertisers. Only 3 in 10 women can identify with the women they see in ads, and 66% feel ads portray too many gender stereotypes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, not only are almost half of Super Bowl viewers women, but we’re also paying the most attention. read more

The GIST Blog: I Wish There Wasn't A Need for The GIST

Sports have an extraordinary ability to unite people and to create a sense of community. Most of us have likely experienced the excitement that ensues when the Raptors, Leafs or Jays are on a winning streak. The city’s energy is electric - everyone’s in jerseys, people stop working to watch the game, it seems as though people are smiling more, and it’s always the topic of conversation - “You catch last night’s game?”.... read more


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