What's a GISTfluencer?


GISTfluencers are our GIST brand ambassadors. Put simply, these people love The GIST, and The GIST loves them right back! GISTfluencers are a group of people that see the value in uniting people and empowering women through sport, and therefore want to spread The GIST love! GISTfluencers connect with one another online (and sometimes IRL), get unique access to The GIST team, pre-access to our events, discounts and promotions from our GIST partners, entries into contests, and of course, swag.


Start Sharing


Already a GISTer but wanna be a GISTfluencer? Amazing, we love it. To start sharing with friends: 

1) Enter your email address below to receive your unique sharing link. All you have to do is share this link with your friends. When your friends sign up for The GIST through your referral link, you’ll get credit for it! You can share by copy and pasting the link to your friends (text, email, socials, whatever you like) or using the sharing buttons below.

2) Do you already see a unique link in the space provided below? Awesome. That means you're logged in and ready to go. Use the sharing buttons or unique link below to refer your friends to The GIST! 

How can I become a GISTfluencer?


All you need to do is share The GIST with your people - like your colleagues, friends and family! You can share The GIST using your unique link through email, Facebook, Twitter so that you can get credit for your shares. Once you convert five friends to subscribe to our newsletter, you’re officially a GISTfluencer.


Once you’re a GISTfluencer,
what can you do?


Wear your GIST swag. Embody our mission! Give us feedback. Send us your ideas. Keep reading your emails! Attend and help organize GISTfluencer events to connect with other GISTers. The possibilities are truly endless.