Generally a highlight is the best thing that happened in the game. The “Highlight of the Night” is usually a play that is absolutely incredible, jaw-dropping, something you want to watch again and again.


This means that you are winning half of your games. As a team, you definitely want to be winning more than half of your games which would be “above .500”.


Think of your favourite Netflix series made up of consecutive episodes. In sports, a series is made up of consecutive games against the same team. You hear this most often during the playoffs when teams play a ‘best-of-five’ or ‘best-of-seven’ series against one other team.


When one team wins a series without the other team managing to win a single game. GET OUT THE BROOMS!


A player’s first year in the pros. Similar to being a freshman in uni.


Most valuable player. That’s it!


Stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time’ * inserts goat emoji and picture of Tom Brady *


When an athlete is playing for one team, but gets moved to another team in return for another player, draft picks, money, etc. Similar to trading Pokemon cards.


Unrestricted free agent. When players join a professional team, they are provided a contract outlining years, salary, goals, caveats, etc. When that contract is over, they usually become an unrestricted free agent, unless other factors and restrictions come into play. Then they become a restricted free agent.

Draft Pick:

Each professional league has a draft at the beginning of each season. The draft is where teams try to suss out the next big superstar. The players usually come from college or the highest level of unprofessional leagues. Generally, there is a lottery to see which team gets to pick first. The teams who ended up at the bottom of the league are provided a better chance to get top pick to try and even things out. Getting the NO. 1 draft pick can seriously change your franchise's future.


Speaking of draft picks, each year, in each professional sport, there is a draft before the season starts. This draft is where the teams get to pick which amateurs they want to come join their rosters.

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What is fantasy sports?

Not to be confused with the Fantasy Suite in the Bachelorette, fantasy sports are something that fans play online and compete against each other. The “fantasy” aspect comes from fans choosing real life players to make up their ideal, fake team. Generally, these fantasy leagues require you to have a player in each position. Depending on how those players do (goals, assists, saves, rebounds, baskets, etc.) they are given points. Just like real life, fantasy players have to set their lineups, trade players, bench guys who are injured and generally watch how each player does on a weekly basis. It can get v intense. And just like in the pros, at the end of the fantasy season there can only be one winner.

How is that different from a pool?

Great question! Here’s some major differences:

  1. In a pool you can just pick what team you think is going to win;

  2. You can also pick players;

  3. Generally for a pool there are less rules around what specific positions need to be covered on the team. You’re just trying to choose players that are going to get you the most points;

  4. With pools, you’re not really updating your roster on a per-game or per-week basis. You pick your players/teams and they’re your homies for the entire season or entire playoff.

Okay wait…so what’s a bracket? 

A bracket is when two teams play each other and the winning team moves on, so you’ve got to bring your A-Game. To give a bracket some context, think back (fondly or not) to every beer pong tournament you took part in in university — similar rules apply. You only continue playing if you win. If you’re more of a visual learner, click here.

What’s the deal with sponsors?

Sponsors are just another way for players and teams to make money. Many leagues have deals with brands, and the same goes for players. Brands recognize the reach that athletes have and want to capitalize on it. Smart business if you ask us! When a company is a “sponsor” of a specific athlete it’s usually called an “endorsement” deal.

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