February 7th, 2019

Be-Leafing in Auston Matthews. Alex Ovechkin is officially the Russian scoring king.One last run for Lindsey Vonn. We wrote a Deep Dive on this year's Super Bowl commercials. The Patriots’ Super Bowl parade was a must see. A tough break for the WNBA. The 76ers look scary AF. Hayley Wickenheiser is going to the International Hockey Hall of Fame! Toronto won the Battle of Ontario. The NBA trade deadline is TODAY! See what’s up this week. And see if the stars are still speaking our language.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours    

The GIST: In the most exciting news since Netflix added the final four Harry Potterfilms to its Canadian platform, the Toronto Maple Leafs signed superstar forward Auston Matthews to a five-year contract extension.
What Does This Contract Look Like?: This fresh-faced 21-year-old is getting paid! His new five-year deal goes for an annual average (AAV) of $11.634M USD, the second highest paid player in the league behind only Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid. *b!tch better have my money plays in the background* This is a huge raise—for the last three years Matthews has been making about $3.7M USD AAV as he was signed on an entry-level contract, a huge bargain for the Leafs.
Is This a Good Deal?: It’s v good if you’re a Leafs fan. Why? Because the Leafs now have two goal-scoring centres in Matthews and John Tavares. Quick reminder: the Leafs picked up Tavares in the offseason and signed him to a seven-year contract. With these dudes on the ice, you better believe the Leafs are gonna be *knock on wood* playoff bound almost every year.
But…: And this is a big but, and we cannot lie it could spell trouble for some other teammates. Matthews and Tavares are now locked into fairly pricey deals. Because of the NHL salary cap (a limit on how much they can spend on talent), this means there’s only so much money left on the table to pay other players like stud Mitch Marner. Only time will tell if the Leafs can keep the kid in the #6ix.
Meanwhile, in Washington: Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin is officially the best Russian scorer in NHL history. He earned his 1,180th point on Tuesday after assisting on this beauty goal, ‘putin’ him ahead of Sergei Fedorov.


Skiing: The Next Generation

The GIST: In a career full of adversity, it feels oddly appropriate that the GOAT skier, Lindsey Vonn faced a little bit more in her final race.
It’s Her Last Race?: Yep. Last weekend, Vonn announced that she’ll be retiring after the world championships wrap up in Sweden. She’s retiring with 82 World Cup wins —the most for any female skier and just five short of the all-time record. Unfortunately, over the course of her impressive career, Vonn’s body has taken a beating and that’s why she’s saying bye, bye, bye.
And, It Didn’t Start Well: On Tuesday, Vonn suffered a nasty crash in the Super-G event, later tweeting, “If adversity makes you stronger I think I’m the Hulk at this point …” Girl, the Hulk should be so honoured. Fortunately, she came out of the crash somewhat unscathed and will be skiing in her final race on Sunday.
If Vonn’s Retiring, Who’s the New Kid on the Block?: That would be 23-year-old American Mikaela Shiffrin. We’ve talked about her before. She already has 53 World Cup wins and trails only Vonn and Austria’s Annemarie Moser-Proell (62) on the women’s all-time list. It was Shiffrin who took the top prize in the Super-G on Tuesday after Vonn’s brutal crash. Safe to say this girl is going places.


What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

The GIST: Alright. So we’re talking about the Super Bowl again. And yes, this year’s game and halftime entertainment was boring AF; HOW-EV-ER, one aspect of the Super Bowl phenomenon that did pull through were the commercials.
The Deets: For years, we Canadians felt a little bit of FOMO when it came to Super Bowl commercials. But, thanks to the internet and some CRTC updates we were able to join in a bit the fun this year. And while commercials of the past were likely created by Mel Gibson types in What Women Want, female viewers are expecting more out of advertisers. Thankfully, there seemed to be a change in rhetoric this year with some ads focusing on debunking gender stereotypes and portraying successful, powerful women. So, we went deep into this year’s Super Bowl ads. Be sure to give our Deep Dive a read here.

GIST Some Other Sh!t You Should Know

- The New England Patriots held their championship parade on Tuesday in Boston and TBH the celebration was far more entertaining than the Super Bowl win they were celebrating. The highlights: Tom Brady’s daughter is so cute it hurts, Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski loves wine but hates shirts (honestly, we can’t blame him) and Boston fans are still hype AF despite winning 12 major league championships in 22 years. We’re not bitter…
- The WNBA will be without its biggest superstar this year. Earlier this week, Maya Moore announced she’ll be stepping away from her Minnesota Lynx squad to focus on family and faith. It’s a huge loss for the league, but being a pro athlete isn’t easy and we have mad respect for her putting herself and her dreams first.
- The Philadelphia 76ers are no joke. They already traded for dramatic divasuperstar Jimmy Butler earlier this season, and on Wednesday acquired hot shot Tobias Harris from the L.A. Clippers in a multi-player deal that involved a couple of v valuable first round draft picks. The message: forget the future, it’s now or never in Philly. On paper this roster looks unstoppable, and the Sixers could be the Eastern Conference big bang that makes our Toronto Raptors extinct in the upcoming playoffs.
- Hayley Wickenheiser is headed to the International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Hall of Fame only two years after retirement! Wickenheiser is the most decorated women’s Canadian hockey player of all time and is so deserving of this recognition. We’re totally obsessed with her and everything she’s done for the women’s game. We could go on forever, but you can get #thegist of her endless list of accomplishments here.
- Last night, the Maple Leafs hosted the Ottawa Senators in the epic ‘Battle of Ontario.’ It was a game that should have been an easy win for the 33-17-3 (wins, losses, overtime losses) Leafs over the 19-29-5 Sens but it turned out to be a back and forth entertaining battle *winks at Ontario*. In the end, the Leafs avoided a third period collapse and came away with a 5-4 win, including a goal by freshly signed Matthews. Sorry about it Sens fans! 

What’s Up This Week

Today: The NBA trade deadline is today at 3 p.m. ET. It’s the last day that teams can wheel and deal (trade) their players and draft picks before the end of the season. Rest assured, this day always creates some serious dah-rama.  Keep your eyes peeled for a last minute L.A. Lakers deal that fans are already calling for and catch up on all the trade rumours here.

Thursday + Saturday: The Toronto Raptors are on the road this week but are playing two of the league’s worst Eastern Conference teams - the Atlanta Hawks (Thursday, 7:30 p.m. ET) and New York Knicks (Saturday. 7:30 p.m. ET). This shouldbe two easy wins for the dinos who are also rolling on a two-game win streak.

Sunday: Welp. For the first time since September, we have no football to watch. But don’t fret, instead you can watch some bad@$$ women kill it on the slopes. Most notably, Lindsey Vonn will be making her final run in the world championships women’s downhill event. Watch it live here starting at 6:30 a.m. ET.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

The GIST: Okay, our streak has ~officially~ ended, but honestly we think Matthews scoring a contract is kind of a bigger deal than him scoring a couple goals this week. Plus, as a detail-oriented Virgo, we are not at all surprised that his deal was for a v specific $11.634M (that extra 34k might have a little something to do with his jersey number).
Horoscope: We’ve talked a lot about Lindsey Vonn, but did you know she also happens to be a Libra? Libras are experts at getting sh!t done, and we’re predicting the Oct. 18 baby will channel her analytical nature and figure out a way to finish in the top 10 of her last downhill race on Sunday.


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