December 5th

NEVER ask a girl if she can twerk. • Seattle is getting an NHL team. • Our Canadian men’s basketball team qualified for the FIBA World Cup! • Canada finally won an Olympic weightlifting gold medal… but it was a lil’ tardy on it’s arrival. • It’s raining TEDDY BEARS! You gotta read this feel good story. • Make sure to get your football pool picks in! • And, see what’s up this week.

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Make it Twerk

The GIST: On Monday, soccer was soooooo close to having an amazing equality moment when Norwegian Ada Hegerberg was awarded the first EVER women’s Ballon d’Or (best soccer player in the world award). That was, until, sexism stole the show.
What Happened!?: We’ll set the scene. When Hegerberg was on stage accepting her award, co-host and French DJ, Martin Solveig, said he had a “surprise” for her. At that point, Solveig asked (in French), “can you to twerk?” Hegerberg, of course, responded,  is that a sick joke? “Non.”
The Reaction: Well, pretty much everyone in the crowd and on social media (including our fave hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser) were like “WTF?!”  WTF indeed. We can’t imagine a male winner being asked such a brash and disrespectful question in a moment of huge athletic achievement. Still, Hegerberg handled the situation like a champ, and later told media ‘he could have asked something different.’ Girl, that’s putting it lightly!
Another Weak Apology: Does it feel like we’ve been getting a lot of these lately? In theaftermath, Solveig tweeted: “I explained to @AdaStolsmo the buzz and she told me she understood it was a joke. Nevertheless my apologies to anyone who may have been offended.” This is, quite literally, not a real apology. Honestly, someone should get this dude a Canadian publicist.
What’s Most Important: THIS is why Ada Hegerberg should have been in our headlines—because she’s a remarkably talented athlete and soccer player.
Honourable Mention: Canada’s Christine Sinclair was one of the 15 women nominatedfor the Ballon d’Or. We could not be more proud of her for continuing to put Canadian soccer on the map!


More to Seattle than Starbucks

The GIST: The worst-kept secret in sports was confirmed on Tuesday when the NHL announced Seattle is getting an expansion team.
Fitting In Nicely: Seattle will be the NHL’s 32nd franchise, which will allow for an even eight teams in each of the four divisions. The team isn’t expected to hit the ice until the 2021-22 season, so there’s a Game of Thrones level of suspense up in here. With the team just a 90-minute drive away from the Vancouver Canucks, a rivalry makes perfect sense and the chirping across borders has already started.
Oh, What’s in a Name?!: Seattle doesn’t have an identity quite yet, but the rumour mill is overflowing with options. The team ownership group registered trademarks on 13 different names, and Vegas oddsmakers list the Seattle Totems (please no), Emeralds, Rainiers, Sockeyes or Kraken as their name favourites. Then again, if Twitter had its way, you might get something like the Seattle Starbuckaneers… and if we had our way, it would be the Seattle Grey Sloaners.
Our Favourite Fun Fact: The city of Seattle has never had an NHL team, but they have won a Stanley Cup. Seriously! Way back in 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans beat the Montreal Canadiens, but both teams played in different hockey leagues. Later that year, the NHL was founded with its Original Six teams. Sorry, that’s the only time we’ll channel our inner Dad this newsletter, we promise!
In Other Hockey News: We’ve talked A LOT about William Nylander these last few weeks, but when he didn’t hit the ice on Tuesday like we expected, Toronto Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews took over. Auston opened the scoring against the Buffalo Sabres by channeling his inner Toronto Raptor and tucking in this beauty (seriously it’s a MUST WATCH highlight). Then he ended the game by doing THIS with less than three seconds left in overtime. Wipe that drool off your faces, Leafs fans.

GIST Some Other Sh!t You Should Know

- Canada is headed to the FIBA Men’s World Cup of Basketball for the first time in almost a decade. FIBA (the international governing body for bball) hosts the World Cup every four years to determine the world’s best basketball team. Canada went 0-5 the last time they competed in 2010 and finished 22nd out of 24 teams (welp), so at least they’re all but guaranteed to improve. The World Cup happens during the NBA offseason, so players like Tristan Thompson (yes, THAT Tristan Thompson *side eye*) and Kelly Olynyk will be able to represent Canada at the tournament.
- Christine Girard is now Canada’s first Olympic weightlifting champion! HOW-EV-ER, her gold medal is coming six years after the competition took place. Why? Because both the gold and silver winners at the London 2012 Olympics were caught doping. Girard also won a bronze medal from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games for the same reason. The lesson here? Don’t be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.
- Even with drama queen the talented Jimmy Butler now playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, the Toronto Raptors channeled their inner dino and beat the 76ers 113-102 last night. With this win, the Raps improved to a 21-5 record and remain the best team in the NBA. You the best we ever had, best we ever had.  
- It’s raining… teddy bears? The Hershey Bears (American Hockey League) set a world record on Sunday when fans tossed 34,798 stuffed bears on the ice which were all donated to different children’s charities. You’ve gotta see this super snuggly teddy bear rainstorm.
- And if the teddy bears didn’t make you smile, this will.

What’s Up This Week

Tonight: After you get your football pool picks in by 7:30 p.m. ET (pssttt click here to play and to get #thegist of each game) you can watch Toronto Maple Leafs’ forward, William Nylander, FINALLY make his season debut (seriously, it’s 100% confirmed this time)! Fresh off a 6-year deal, he’ll join the Leafs when they take on the Detroit Red Wings. Game time 7:30 p.m. ET.


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