December 10th

The stage is set for the 2019 FIFA World CupUSA Gymnastics is back on their same sh!tYou gotta watch the NFL’s play of the year - it’s a thing of beautyProps to Atlanta United for winning the MLS CupLeBron James yet again made the case for why he should be one of your favourite peopleThe LPGA is getting a wage increase… but is still far from receiving pay equityAnd, see what’s in store for this week.

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Hon Hon Hon, Oui Oui, Baguette 

The GIST: The stage is set for the 2019 FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup. The World Cup will be hosted in France from June 7th to July 7th. The good news? The draw is looking hella fine for Canada.
First, WTF is a ‘draw’?: There are 24 teams playing in the World Cup. Of those 24, six are seeded: USA (World Ranked No. 1), Germany (No. 2), France (No. 3), England (No. 4), Canada (No. 5) and Australia (No. 6). These seeded teams are put into the goblet of fire pot first, and drawn out (hence the name ‘draw’) one by one to see what group (A-F) each team will be in. The seeded teams are selected from the pot first so that they don’t face each other during the group stage. The remaining 18 teams are then drawn and placed into one of the six groups.
How it Works in France: The World Cup is a round-robin tournament, so each team plays every other team in their group once. The top two teams in each group, as well as the four best third-place teams overall, advance to the round of 16 (aka playoffs). #TBT to MTV’s hit TV show My Super Sweet Sixteen.
Okay sounds good. Who are the Canadians playing?: The Canadians were drawn fifth and are therefore No. 1 in Group E. The other countries in their draw include the Netherlands (No. 7), New Zealand (No. 19) and Cameroon (No. 46). Their toughest match will be against the Netherlands, who are the reigning European champions. But the Canadians have never lost against the Netherlands so we’re saying, BRING. IT. ON.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

The GIST: *United States Gymnastics (USAG) slowly stands up* Last week, the USAG filed for bankruptcy and there are two sides to this shady AF story.
What USAG is Saying: The USAG said that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy will help to “expedite an equitable resolution of the claims made by survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by Larry Nassar.” Compensation should still be paid through USAGs insurance policies. And some legal experts say that by filing, the process opens the door for even more people to file claims and gives victims the opportunity to ask for compensation in an orderly manner.
What the Victims are Saying: At the same time, the filing gives USAG the immediate benefit of hitting pause on all depositions and discovery of the lawsuits. Basically, by suspending all lawsuits by Nassar’s survivors it puts a stop to their ongoing efforts to discover the truth. The truth being who knew about Nassar’s abuse, and who covered it up.
Either Way: The survivors of Nassar’s abuse deserve so much better than what they’re receiving from the mess that is the USAG. While the victims care about their compensation, they’ve made it clear they care more about getting answers and making positive change for the future.

Now Walk it Out

The GIST: With only three weeks left in the NFL regular season (week 15 kicks off Thursday), we thought we’d give you #thegist on three quick things you gotta know from football Sunday:
- Although New England Patriots quarterback (QB) Tom Brady set a record for most touchdown passes thrown at 580, he was overshadowed by this RIDICULOUS game-winning play by the Miami Dolphins. Honestly it might be the play of the year.
-  Ketchup-man and KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes continues to make our jaws drop week in and week out. Watch his end-of-game beauty of a throw that ultimately led to the Chiefs tying the Ravens 24-24. KC ended up taking it in overtime 27-24.
- Finally, this highlight is from Thursday, but we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it (and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's wedding) all weekend. WatchTennessee Titans Derrick Henry run for a 99-yard (!!!) touchdown. We’re outta breath just watching.

GIST Some Other Sh!t You Should Know

- Congrats to Atlanta United for winning the Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup on Saturday after defeating the Portland Timbers 2-0. TBH, we haven’t talked about MLS in a while because we were gutted that, although our Toronto FC were the reigning champs, they didn’t even make it into the playoffs. Welp.
- LeBron James keeps on making the case for why he’s just the best—both on and off the court. While playing the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday, James gave the SHOES OFF HIS FEET to the Grizzlies’ ball girl. Why? Well, every time James has played in Memphis, he noticed that she always wore a pair of his exclusive shoes. He never said anything to her previously, but on Saturday they spoke, and she told him, “I’ve always been team LeBron. Always.” Very Severus Snape in the Deathly Hallows of her, and we can’t help but tear up over it.
- The 2019 LPGA schedule has been announced and we are SO ABOUT IT. There are 33 golf events slated this season with a record-setting $70M USD in prize money available. That’s $5M more than last year. While this $70M is nothing compared to the $350M+ up for grabs on the men’s tour, it’s a (baby) step in the right direction.
- Although the Toronto Raptors have lost two games in a row (including a 104-99 loss yesterday against the Milwaukee Bucks) there’s no real reason to ring the alarm. The Raps still have the best record in the NBA at 21-6. High five!

What’s Up This Week

Monday: Oh baby, tonight we’ve got quite the Monday Night Football (#MNF) game. You can watch the Minnesota Vikings square off against the Seattle Seahawks on TSN at 8:15 p.m. ET. We promise you, with the Seahawks 12th man, this is gonna be a loud one.

Tuesday: The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Carolina facing the Hurricanes at 7:00 p.m. ET. The Leafs have lost two games in a row and will be looking to bounce back. And we’re gonna be hosting our very own sassy yet informative GIST commentary for this game. Wanna tune in? We know you do. Click here to join. GIST do it.


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