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The GIST: With the CP Women’s Open, Canada’s only LPGA golf tournament, teeing off on August 19th, we’ll finally have the chance to watch Canada’s best-ever golfer, Brooke Henderson, play on home soil.

Tell me about Brooke: We’d love to. Brooke came surging onto the professional golf scene in 2014, at the ripe age of 17, and was a contender from the minute she stepped into the tee box. Since then, she’s won nine LPGA tournaments (the most professional tournaments won by any male or female Canadian golfer), including the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship major tournament in 2016. 

  • Most recently, Brooke solidified herself as one of the best in the world, winning the Best Female Golfer Award at the ESPYs (basically the Oscars of sports). Quite the resume for a 21-year-old!

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But how did she get so good?: Golf runs deep in this girl’s blood. Golf has always been a family affair for the Henderson family: her sister was a top junior and college golfer and Brooke herself has played golf since she was only three years old.

  • What we particularly love about this family is how they’re all so involved in Brooke’s journey. For example, while it’s never not always easy to get along with your siblings, Brooke’s sister, Brittany, is often her caddie. So cute.

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How is Brooke going to do at the CP Women’s Open?: We, of course, expect she’ll do very well. Last year, Brooke won the whole shebang, becoming the first Canadian in 45 years (and only the second ever) to win Canada’s national open! Here’s to hoping she makes it back-to-back wins.

  • Brooke is currently ranked No. 8 in the world, most recently tied for 17th at The Evian Championship major tournament at the end of July. She also won the Meijer LPGA Classic in Michigan this June. What, like it’s hard?

What’s Brooke’s secret sauce?: We think the most important thing about Brooke’s game is how smart she plays. She doesn’t force shots, she lays up when she needs to and she reads the green incredibly well.

  • Brooke also has an amazing mental game. One round (aka 18 holes of golf) normally takes about four hours to play, so you can imagine how easy it is to get frustrated by a poor shot (believe us, we know this from personal experience). But Brooke is able to take everything in stride and is always as cool as a cucumber.

What else should I know about Brooke?: Prior to committing herself to the links, Brooke, like many young Canadians, was obsessed with hockey. She was a goaltender for her competitive hockey team in Smith Falls, ON, and even went on to win a provincial championship. 

  • Similar to golf, being a goalie is a lonely and mentally taxing position, so it’s no wonder she’s excelled in both of these sports.

  • Brooke’s also a great teacher and mentor. As an Ambassador for Canadian Pacific (CP) since 2017, she helps grow the future of women's golf while advocating healthy living through CP’s community investment program, CP Has Heart. Snaps for Brooke. 

If you want to learn more about CP Has Heart visit or to donate to the beneficiary of the CP Women’s Open click here.

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Wow, Brooke sounds incredible. How can I watch her play?: Put on all of your red and white gear and watch the CP Women’s Open live at the beautiful Magna Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario. Get your tickets here and use code GIST19 at checkout for a 15% discount*.  

  • If you can’t make it out to the course, be sure to watch the action on the Golf Channel (if you have a subscription).

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