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“There's a lotta stuff going on rn.”
A tweet from the Cincinnati Reds, summing up the chaos and craziness of Tuesday night’s bench-clearing baseball brawl between the Reds and rival Pittsburgh Pirates.


It's a rich man's world

The GIST: Amidst the gender equity conversation that has been further highlighted following the incredibly successful FIFA Women’s World Cup, the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) released a letter on Monday claiming that the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) have been paid more than the men’s national team (USMNT) in salaries and game bonuses in recent years.

Okay, wait, start from the beginning: Back on International Women’s Day in March, the USWNT filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the USSF. The lawsuit argues that the USSF gave the women’s team less resources, wages and investment than the men’s team, despite the women doing the exact same work as the men (and, of course, doing it way better).

  • In June, the USWNT agreed to a tentative agreement to pursue mediation (which is rumoured to be fast approaching) with the USSF.

So, what happened on Monday?:Carlos Cordeiro, the president of USSF,released an open letterto “the supporters of U.S. soccer.” The letter stated that between the years 2010 and 2018, the women’s team was paid $34.1 million while the men’s team made $26.4 million, despite the men earning more revenue.

  • They state that the women’s team generated an average revenue of $425k per game, while the men generated $972k per game.

  • The USSF has acknowledged their reported numbers don’t include FIFA prize money and bonuses. The men have received about $2 million more than the women from the World Cup. Fun fact: the men’s team has never won a World Cup...let alone four.

What were the numbers we thought we knew?: Cordeiro’s letter disputes the widely reported claim that the USWNT earned $.38 on every dollar the men have made. These numbers are alarmingly different than what’s now conveniently being reported by the USSF. Seems suspect.

  • It’s also important to note that comparing the compensation between the two squads is v. difficult because the USWNT has a base salary, while the men’s side is largely based on matches and performance. These structures were negotiated by each of the teams.

What has the USWNT said?: Since the letter was released, USWNT spokeswoman Molly Levinson accused the USSF of fudging these numbers to better suit their message, calling the letter “a sad attempt to quell the overwhelming tide of support the USWNT has received from everyone.”

What’s next?: Others are taking measures into their own hands: New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio pledged that he would use an executive action to guarantee equal pay for national sports teams, and Senator Joe Manchin has introduced a bill to deny funding for the 2026 World Cup (that Mexico, Canada and the U.S. are hosting together) until fair pay is guaranteed.

Anything else I should know?: Yes. During all of this drama, USWNT coach Jill Ellis has decided she will leave her position in early October. Ellis is the only USWNT coach to ever lead a team to World Cup victory twice.



Tricks of the trade

The GIST: Yesterday’s 4 p.m. ET MLB trade deadline ended with a bang.

Who’s coming, who’s going?: In total, the Toronto Blue Jays traded away six players: pitchers Marcus “Stro-Show” Stroman (an All-Star), David Phelps, Daniel Hudson, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Biagini and infielder Eric Sogard.

  • In return, the Jays received four pitching prospects, one outfield prospect and the possibility to get more prospects down the line. Yes, there’s lots of potential.

  • But, TBH, we’re not too happy about these trades. The Jays were the “sellers” and altogether should have got more bang for their buck. At least we have young bucksVladdy Guerrero Jr. and newcomer shortstop Bo Bichette to keep us happy. And the newbies seem to be settling in well.

What’s this I heard about a brawl?: Tuesday night was weird. The Cincinnati Reds played the Pittsburgh Pirates, and for the second time this season, the game featured a bench-clearing brawl after Reds pitcher Amir Garrett went full throttle into the Pirates dugout.

Why?: Well, tensions have been high since April thanks to some chirps, “errant pitches” and in-your-face celebrations. We’re not sure how, but we guess this warrants punches being thrown? SMDH.

  • Anyway, what was also v. strange was that star player Yasiel Puig was traded from the Reds to the Cleveland Indians (unfortunately that’s still a team name) just 30 minutes before the fight (yes, while he was playing). Despite the in-game trade, management let him play out the rest of the game, allowing Puig to participate in the brawl and end his time as a Red with an ejection. #mems

  • And another weird thing: in-game trades are uncommon. But what’s super rare is to have a player find out about a trade involving his own teammate, during a game, FROM A FAN. That’s what happened to Jesse Winker. He did not take it well.


Baby, she was born to run

The GIST: Caster Semenya will not be able to defend her 800m title at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in September.

Give me a refresher?: Gladly. Semenya is a 28-year-old mid-distance runner from South Africa; she’s won two Olympic and three world championship gold medals. NBD.

  • Semenya has a medical condition called hyperandrogenism, meaning her body produces higher than normal levels of testosterone. Due to her classification as intersex, she’s under constant scrutiny about her gender and her eligibility to compete amongst her female peers because of her perceived biological advantage.

So why can’t she race at worlds?: In a rule clearly targeted towards Semenya, The IAAF announced a policy in 2018 that states that athletes with differences in sex development (DSD) must take testosterone-suppressing drugs if they want to compete in distances from 400m to the mile.

  • Semenya fought the ruling, and the Swiss Supreme Court put a hold on the policy until it could make a final decision, which allowed Semenya to continue racing. Unfortunately, they reversed their suspension on Tuesday, meaning Semenya can’t compete at worlds in September.

So what now?: The policy and the rulings around it are deeply discriminatory (we didn’t see anyone putting rules on Michael Phelps’ superhuman biology, did we?). The next and last step is a final appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court. This appeal would decide if she can compete in next summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games. We can only hope that fairness and equality win. In the meantime, we say, let her run.



Can't stop, won't stop

The GIST: Canada is killing it at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru. Team Canada has 51 medals: 11 gold, 22 silver and 18 bronze. Only the United States has more, with 78 total medals.

Get it, girl: Ellie Black became Canada’s most decorated Pan Am gymnast this week, with 10 career medals. She also became the first gymnast to win back-to-back individual all-around gold. Yas, queen!

  • Diving starts today, so watch out for superstar Jennifer Abel to add to the medal count and the Canadian record books. Her-story is in the making!


What's up this week

Saturday: If you’ve been missing tennis like we have, fear not — it’s back! Rogers Cup action starts on Saturday and runs until August 11th. The world’s top women are playing in Toronto and the best men are in Montreal. Keep reading to learn how you can win tickets with The GIST.

All Weekend: The AIG Women’s British Open, with its 40% purse increase (on the way to equal pay!) starts today. As always, keep your eyes on our girl Brooke Henderson.

  • If you want to watch more club swinging, watch the Blue Jays play the Baltimore Orioles.

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