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The GIST: The second round of the NHL playoffs is well underway, and, fortunately for us, it looks like it’s going to be just as crazy as the first round.
Remind me who’s playing who: You got it. It’s the Boston Bruins (who defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs) vs. the Columbus Blue Jackets (who swept the league’s best, the Tampa Bay Lightning); the Carolina Hurricanes (who beat defending champions Washington Capitals) vs. the NY Islanders; the Dallas Stars vs. the St. Louis Blues; and the Colorado Avalanche (who beat Western Conference-best Calgary Flames) vs. the San Jose Sharks.
How’s it going so far?: All series are tied at one game apiece except for Carolina vs. New York. The “Bunch of Jerks” are up two games to none, winning the opening games on the road. These jerks are up to something.
Most jokes play: The craziest play so far is from Bruin Brad Marchand. In Game 1 against Columbus, Marchand went back to his bratty snake ways. During a face-off, instead of acting civilized like everyone else, Marchand quite literally tried to STOMP on Cam Atkinson’s stick, in an attempt to break it. Fortunately, he missed, but the play was so greasy. Watch the highlight here.

  • The good news? At least he hasn’t licked anyone yet this year. So gross.

What’s worse? Stomping sticks or licking people? You be the judge. Comment below.