What to say when your significant other wants to break up with you . . .

The GIST: The feeling’s mutual. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard. On Saturday, Bouchard’s coach, Michael Joyce, revealed via Twitter that the pair are no longer working together. 

  • Joyce helped Genie get back into the top 100 world ranking this season. However, after losing three-straight singles matches, Genie is telling that boy bye. Bouchard reached the No. 5 spot in 2014 but has struggled since then.

In other amazing Canadian women news: 26-year-old Joanna Brown became just the third Canadian to win a medal in the World Triathlon Series, earning bronze in Bermuda on Saturday. Yes, girl!

  • Brown won bronze at the Commonwealth Games last year and is currently training to earn the Canadian tri-relay team a spot at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. 

Things that should be in a museum: Last week, the CWHL announced they are auctioning off the league’s trophies and jerseys in an effort to put the prized goods in the hands of their best fans so that the memories can live on forever.

  • You know where else their memories would live on forever? The Hockey Hall of Fame. These items should be remembered and respected by everyone, not bought by someone else. So sad to see this.

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