News That Will Make Your Head Shake . . .  

The GIST: Before getting into this one, we must warn you, this story is incredibly disturbing. An 11-minute audio file has been released where Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver (WR) Tyreek Hill can be heard discussing the abuse of his three-year-old son, including breaking his arm and punching him in the chest.
Listen for yourself: You can listen to the audio clip here. Again, please be warned: this clip is really tough to hear.
Now what?: Since hearing the audio, Kansas City has suspended Hill from all team-related activities. In addition to the police investigation, both the team and the NFL are likely conducting their own investigations.
Some background on Hill: Hill has played WR for Kansas City since 2016. His last season was the best of his career, and he was named to his third straight Pro Bowl. Safe to say, he was one of the most electrifying players on the field.
But, and this is a big but . . . : He’s also known to be violent off the field. During college in 2015, Hill pleaded guilty to committing domestic assault and battery when he hit his girlfriend in the face, choked her and punched her in the stomach when she was pregnant with their now three-year-old son.

  • So, what’s even more infuriating about this is that Kansas City likely knew that Hill had some sort of history with domestic violence and they drafted him anyway. SMDH.

Wait . . . didn’t something like this already happen with Kansas City?:Yep. In November 2018, Kansas City’s then-star running back (RB) Kareem Hunt wascaught on tape, kicking and shoving a woman outside of his Cleveland residence. After the incident, Hunt was released by the Chiefs and put on theexempt listby the NFL.

  • But, and this is another big but, the Cleveland Browns ended up signing Hunt, and a little more than one month later, the NFL took him off the exempt list, giving him only an eight-game suspension for the 2019–-20 season. SMDH again.

The bigger picture:It seems as though the teams are knowingly drafting and signing players who have abused women, BUT, they won’t sign a player like Colin Kaepernick (pronounced CAP-ER-NICK), who started#TakeAKnee— a protest against racial inequality and police brutality toward people of colour — because the protest became too political. Ridiculous.

  • As this case is yet to be closed, we have no idea what the NFL will do. All we can hope is that they take both these domestic (in the clip, Hill also told his fiancee that she should be “terrified” of him) and child abuse offences to heart and NEVER let Hill play in the NFL again. And if they do, you better believe they’ll have A LOT of fans to answer to.

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