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Fear the Deer

The GIST: The NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals tipped off last night with the Milwaukee Bucks taking the first game 108–100 over the Toronto Raptors. The deets: The Raps almost won this one. They came out strong with a 15-0 run in the first quarter (they scored 15 points without the Bucks scoring any), but they ended the game poorly, missing their last nine shots. Read more

We've often talked about how beautiful sports are and how much we love them. But, there's A LOT of work behind the scenes that helps to make sports so magical. Cue Emily Knight. As the Director of Game Presentation for the Ottawa Senators, she's responsible for making the magic happen on game day. Get to know her by watching our interview now. Keep reading.

Tiger Woods. Where do we even start with this cat. Tiger was/is arguably one of the best golfers we’ve ever seen. He came surging onto the pro-golf scene at just 19 years old and immediately dominated the field, winning 14 major golf tournaments in 15 years. Keep Reading

Contrary to popular belief, baseball isn’t just about drinking beer, having a hot dog and eating peanuts. Baseball is America’s national pastime. Why? Well it quite literally passes time. An average length of a baseball game is just under three hours of continuous fun. Baseball is played on a field, aka a diamond, in a stadium. There are four bases in a square (diamond) and a team scores a run when one of their players is able to get to all four bases in order, including touching home plate (base #4). Keep reading.


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