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On October 9th a brand new “W Series” (W standing for women) was announced so that elite female talent can be discovered for Formula One (F1) and other high-level pro racing series’. F1 is the highest class of single-seater auto track racing. ... read more

So, we’ve all heard of the Super Bowl, right? Even if you’ve never watched the football game itself, you’ve probably tuned in to watch the star-studded halftime show and the over the top commercials. Well, up here in our neck of the maple-covered woods, you may have also heard whispers of the Grey Cup… read more

The GIST Blog: I Wish There Wasn't A Need for The GIST

Sports have an extraordinary ability to unite people and to create a sense of community. Most of us have likely experienced the excitement that ensues when the Raptors, Leafs or Jays are on a winning streak. The city’s energy is electric - everyone’s in jerseys, people stop working to watch the game, it seems as though people are smiling more, and it’s always the topic of conversation - “You catch last night’s game?”.... read more


Sometimes, you just need your funny, sports-obsessed girlfriend to give you #theGISTofit