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The US Open is bringing the dah-rama in more ways than one.  • The NFL season starts Thursday! • Our Canadian women’s baseball team won bronze at the World Cup. • PUPPIES IN TENNIS!!! • Saying goodbye to Toronto Blue Jays third baseman, Josh Donaldson. • Buy your tix to The GIST’s hockey pool before it’s too late. • And, share The GIST to get fit for free! more

The GIST's Guide to Fantasy Football

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, as much as we all want it to be, Fantasy Football has nothing to do with The Bachelor’s Fantasy Suite. Sad, we know. You may be thinking WTF is fantasy football … and why can’t all of the office bros stop talking about it? Don’t fret, The GIST is here to break it all down for you... read more

Deep Dive: Motherhood and Maternity Leave in Sports

The topic of maternity leave in sport has been in the spotlight this year, in large part thanks to the best tennis player in the world, Serena Williams, having a baby. However, after having the cutest baby girl in the world, Alexis Ohanian Jr., she returned to the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) in March 2018 with a ranking of No. 453. What happened to Williams really frustrated us. It also prompted us to think about motherhood and maternity leave in sport in general. So, we decided to dive deeper into the conundrum of motherhood and mat leave in sports... read more

The GIST Blog: I Wish There Wasn't A Need for The GIST

Sports have an extraordinary ability to unite people and to create a sense of community. Most of us have likely experienced the excitement that ensues when the Raptors, Leafs or Jays are on a winning streak. The city’s energy is electric - everyone’s in jerseys, people stop working to watch the game, it seems as though people are smiling more, and it’s always the topic of conversation - “You catch last night’s game?”....  read more


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