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Congratulations to France, the Champions of The World!  • It was a Winning Weekend at Wimbledon.  • NFL Players are Peeved. • See why we Love Marcus Stroman. • RIP Ray Emery. • It’s All-Star Week in the MLB  • Share The GIST for a Chance to win a TFC Jersey! more

NFL football is generally synonymous with egocentric players, the all-American dream, making cheerleaders look scantily clad (don’t get us started on that one) and, of course, tailgating (duh). Traditionally, sports has not been seen as a realm for politics; however, nowadays, the NFL is also synonymous with the #TakeAKnee movement.... read more

Contrary to popular belief, baseball isn’t just a great place to shoot the sh!t and get thoroughly tipsy with friends. Baseball is America’s national pastime - they are truly obsessed with it. 
In addition to munching down hot dogs and washing them down with beers, our fave part of the game has got to be the 7th inning stretch... read more

 The World Cup is the largest and most prestigious tournament in soccer and takes place every four years. This year’s World Cup is taking place in 11 cities across Russia from June 14th to July 15th. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. How TF did President Putin and his Kremlin minions manage to host ANOTHER world-wide event?! Honestly, we have no clue... read more


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